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8 tips for cleaning glass shower doors. No more grime or streaks!

By Nanci Dixon It's no secret that RV shower doors can get gunky fast. They can quickly spot and streak, particularly in hard water. It's...

Simple ways to keep RV pipes fresh and clean

By Gail Marsh “Away go troubles, down the drain!” This old Roto-Rooter advertising jingle has been looping through my brain lately, as we’ve recently experienced...

Stinky tanks might need the popular “TubShroom®”

By Tony Barthel One of the ways to keep your gray tank from becoming smelly is to minimize food waste that gets into it. Recently...

RV tub will not drain properly

Dear Gary, I have a 1977 Layton travel trailer and it has a bathtub/shower combo. The tub suddenly started filling up with water, not draining,...

Why is there a floor cutout below the bathtub drain?

Dear Gary, I have a 1997 Jayco Eagle 30-foot travel trailer. I am doing a complete tear out and rebuild. I have come across replacing...

How to save every drop of “get warm” water

By Greg Illes Here's a story for the "fiddlers" among us. If you're not super-handy, and not much into fiddling with your RV, this will...

Video: How to take an RV shower using little water

  In this video, RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury shows beginning RVers how to take an RV shower using only a gallon of water or less....

Full-time RVing: Getting the best out of your shower

  By Russ and Tiña De Maris Adjusting to the full-time RVing lifestyle includes many different areas of life. One of them is access to hot...

Upgrade to a luxurious spa-grade RV showerhead

A good shower can make your day. But a poor shower fixture can be frustrating, ineffective, waste water (important when boondocking), and leave you...

Add extra room to your shower with ‘Extend-A-Shower’

Let's face it. Most RVs do not have as much space as we'd like. However, we make trade-offs since who wants to maneuver a...

Endless hot showers brings luxury to your boondocking experience

By Curtis Carper Camped away from the masses, alongside a gentle brook. That’s about the ideal setting every RVer hopes to find when they head...