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A frightening example of the importance of vigilance while traveling

Dear RV Shrink: We have had years of trouble-free travel around North America, meeting many wonderful people. However, we recently had a scare that has...
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Crashing in the Walmart parking lot

Dear RV Shrink: We are rather new at RVing. I know many people stay overnight in Walmart parking lots but it makes my husband nervous...
RV Shrink

Expect the unexpected when traveling

Dear RV Shrink: One time we were camped in Deadwood, S.D., in a commercial campground. The second day the manager gave us hospital band IDs...
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Changes in relationship concerning to couple now full-time RVing

Dear RV Shrink: My wife and I retired two years ago and began traveling in a new RV. It was something we had dreamed of...
RV Shrink

Wife critiques every campsite, driving hubby nuts

Dear RV Shrink: My wife and I love the RV lifestyle. We hope to visit every National Park in the country and all the other...
RV Shrink

Couple disagree on what RV is right for them

Dear RV Shrink: I’m in my late 50s and met a wonderful old hippie who has great social security. We have so much in common...
RV Shrink

Dealing with noisy neighbors during campground quiet time

Dear RV Shrink: We have been RVing for a long time but recently we had an event that was a new experience for us. I...
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Pros and cons of RVing with mother-in-law

Dear RV Shrink: We have had a large motorhome for many years. I always thought that after I retired, my wife and I would travel...
RV Shrink

How common is RV drivers’ road rage, and what can be done about it?

Dear RV Shrink: I have an ongoing problem with road rage. He sits right next to me in the motorhome and swears a blue streak...
RV Shrink

Husband wants to keep moving; Wife wants some “downtime”

Dear RV Shrink: We sold our house six years ago, bought a Class A motorhome and hit the road. We have had a wonderful journey....
RV Shrink

Retired wife wants new career; retired husband is opposed

RV Shrink Dear RV Shrink: My wife, Ruth, and I are both retired and started living half the year in our travel trailer in the warmer...
RV Shrink

How to handle “needy” RV campground neighbors

Dear RV Shrink: We have been full-time RVing for about seven years. We have met many wonderful people. However, occasionally we meet a "stalker." It...

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