Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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RV Shrink: Becoming an RV “trunk popper” during the pandemic

Dear RV Shrink: We don’t have enough storage space in our RV to stock up on food and supplies during this pandemic. My husband has...
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RV Shrink: Coronavirus presents RV traveling dilemma

Dear RV Shrink: I know you are fielding a lot of coronavirus questions. We are not newbies or spring chickens. We have been living the...
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RV Shrink: What do RV park managers and pig farmers have in common?

Dear RV Shrink: We have spent the winter in the state parks of three states as well as many city and county parks. One common...
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RV Shrink: Find an RV safe harbor and hunker down

Dear RV Shrink: I found last week’s column very interesting. As new full-timers, we think we messed up. As the dominoes fall with this pandemic,...
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RV Shrink: Dealing with coronavirus issues as an RVer

Dear RV Shrink: We just arrived in New Mexico after two weeks in Big Bend National Park. We had every intention of spending a month...
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RV Shrink: Using your (RV) head – Saving on tank dump costs

Dear RV Shrink: Nobody told us this dirty little secret when we thought about buying a motorhome and living on the road several months of...
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RV Shrink: RV cabin fever – First-time snowbirds are bored out of their gourds

Dear RV Shrink: The RV lifestyle is not at all as I pictured it in my mind. We are not full-timers, but we are spending...
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RV Shrink: RVer is having (2-legged and 4-legged) pack rat problems

Dear RV Shrink: I am having problems with a couple of pack rats in and around my RV. One of them is a furry rodent...
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RV Shrink: Obnoxious “party animals” ruin state park stay

Dear RV Shrink: We just spent a miserable night at Lost Dutchman State Park near Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a beautiful park, but obviously not well...
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RV Shrink: New RVer uncomfortable with everything new; smartphone to the rescue

Dear RV Shrink: We have just started traveling most of the year in our new RV. The most uncomfortable part for me is familiarity –...
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RV Shrink: RV awning – Use it, don’t lose it!

Dear RV Shrink: This might sound petty, but my traveling partner and I are always arguing about rolling up the awning. In my opinion, RV...
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RV Shrink: Size matters – Clarify RVing goals before choosing RV

Dear RV Shrink: We are in the final steps of making our RV buying decision. Maybe we overthink things, but we are now at an...