Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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RV Shrink: Ripped off RVers considering extra security, i.e., “locked and loaded”

Dear RV Shrink: We often spend the night parked at Walmart, or other inviting lots, while traveling back and forth to Florida. They are mostly...
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RV Shrink: Is documenting RV travels normal? This hubby doesn’t think so

Dear RV Shrink: My husband thinks I spend too much time documenting our travels. I don’t have a Blog or Vlog, Facebook or Instagram. I...
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RV Shrink: I feel like I’m being booked into jail when checking into a...

Dear RV Shrink: Is it just me, or are the lists of campground rules getting longer and more complicated? Sometimes I think I should have...
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RV Shrink: Divvy up RV chores; Don’t bite each other’s heads off

Dear RV Shrink: We left our travel trailer in Arizona at a motel parking lot and flew home to Wisconsin during Christmas to visit our...
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RV Shrink: Our favorite boondocking spots are being shut down!

Dear RV Shrink: We spend most of the winter months boondocking in the Southwest. We've always said, “When we have to camp sardined into an...
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RV Shrink: If the RV’s broke, switch it

Dear RV Shrink: Recently we had a problem on the road with our water overflowing when we were hooked up to water. It would not...
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RV Shrink: Wife concerned about husband’s “fanatical” DIY attempts

Dear RV Shrink: Our 12-year-old backup camera has failed on our motorhome. My husband has spent hours reading RV forums related to repairing or replacing...
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RV Shrink: Shopping for an RV? Forget the “free” hot dog

Dear RV Shrink: We have been shopping for a new motorhome. I would like to find a nice used unit, but my husband is insisting...
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Visit Mexico in RV? Husband says “No.” Wife says “Si.”

Dear RV Shrink: My wife wants to go to Mexico with our new motorhome this winter. I am just not comfortable with that idea, plus...
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RV Shrink: Are smartphones a smart investment for RVers?

Dear RV Shrink: My husband wants to keep us in the Dark Ages when it comes to phones. All we have are flip phones as...
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RV Shrink: Taking a gamble on free RV parking

Dear RV Shrink: My wife loves casino camping. She tries to convince me it’s free, or that many times we are given money just for...
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RV Shrink: Campground reservation rip-off

Dear RV Shrink: We just stopped for the night in Red Bluff, CA, at a campground run by the National Forest Service. We drove around,...