Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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RV Doctor

Potential problems with plastic bypass valves

RV Doctor Dear Gary, I own a 36-foot Holiday Rambler Ambassador. The day before we left on our last trip, the temperature here dipped to about...
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Our bathroom sink P-trap froze!

RV Doctor Dear Gary, We were recently caught in an arctic freeze. We went to ready our RV today for a trip next week and found...
RV Doctor

Stymied RVers can’t find water leaks to fix them

RV Doctor Dear Gary, Apparently my husband did not properly winterize our Southwind motorhome. When we fill the fresh water tank we have no problems, but...

Safe water made simple

By Bob Difley It's a vital resource we need to sustain life. For RVers, it's more critical than for homeowners. It's water. Permanent home dwellers use...
RV Doctor

RV generator cannot carry a load

RV DOCTOR Dear Gary, I read your column with much interest and one question regarding inexpensive water heater bypass valves caught my attention as I had...
RV Doctor

Water heater works but only cold water comes from faucets

RV Doctor Dear Gary, I am having problems with the water heater, which is both gas and electric. The tank fills up and the water gets...
RV Doctor

RV not winterized; camping; temp dropped to 25; worried!

Dear Gary, I am freaking out! The temperature got down to 25 last night and we have water in our water heater and one gallon...
RV Doctor

RV’s water pump doesn’t pump

Dear Gary, I’m having my RV winterized for storage. The dealer called to tell me that the pump doesn't work. It is located underneath the...
RV Doctor

Poorly designed RV makes winterizing it very difficult

Dear Gary, Winterizing my motorhome is a joke. There are no bypasses and to reach the pump you have to crawl over the bed to...
RV Doctor

Winterizing an RV washer/dryer

Dear Gary, Please tell me the best way to winterize a washer/dryer combo. Thanks! —Jack Dear Jack, That's what I like: short and to the point! The...

Camco water filter reduces poor water source problems

If you're planning to visit the southwestern deserts this winter you know how bad and full of grit the water can be. So even...
RV Doctor

Sanitizing the RV’s fresh water system

Dear Gary, I saw an RV seminar on YouTube that suggested using hydrogen peroxide to sanitize the fresh water system since bleach can damage the...