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Got hard water problems? Try vinegar!

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Having spent a number of years in the "naturally soft water" country of the Pacific Northwest, it was a...
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Do “still” RV water pumps run deep?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Boondockers and other folks who get away from "city water" connections sometimes complain of a noise when using the...

How to fix stripped threads on RV water heater anode

Hi Gary, This pertains to the anode rod threading in a Suburban water heater. I cannot get the new anode rod threading to "catch" and...

RV tub will not drain properly

Dear Gary, I have a 1977 Layton travel trailer and it has a bathtub/shower combo. The tub suddenly started filling up with water, not draining,...
RV Doctor

This is much better than a P-trap

Hey Doc, I was at an RV show recently and I noticed that there wasn't a regular P-trap under the lavatory sink, just a straight...
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How to fix a drippy RV faucet

Dear Gary, How do you repair the bathroom faucets? I have a two-handle faucet in the bathroom that looks to be all metal and it...
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Why RV service technician certification is important!

RV Doctor Dear Gary, I am very frustrated! I just purchased a used coach and there have been no problems until this week. I left for...
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RV Doctor: Why is there no pressure in RV fresh water plumbing system?

Dear Gary, The water pressure in our motorhome is getting lower and lower in the bathroom, plus it makes a whistling sound when the hot...
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Can we use bottled water for the RV toilet in winter?

RV Doctor Dear Gary, This is our first winter with an RV. If we winterize our 5th wheel and then want to go camping in the...

Your RV plumbing: Shake, rattle and roll!

By Bob Difley One major way our RVs differ from our stick houses is the ability to drive them down the highways to a new...
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Keeping RV water lines from freezing during cold winter use

Dear Gary, We have a Class C motorhome. We have used it quite often this winter and have resisted winterizing it because we use the...
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Potential problems with plastic bypass valves

RV Doctor Dear Gary, I own a 36-foot Holiday Rambler Ambassador. The day before we left on our last trip, the temperature here dipped to about...