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How to fit a dog backpack

About half of RVtravel.com readers bring along one or more dogs on their trips. And for many of those readers a big part of...

This is absolutely the cutest accessory for every RVing dog and cat

Just when we thought things couldn't get any cuter, we stumbled across this ADORABLE trailer-shaped pet carrier online and just had to share it...

How to prepare for a roadside emergency

By Chris Dougherty CERTIFIED RV TECHNICIAN We all love our RVs and the lifestyle, but, on occasion, Murphy's Law takes over. It's inevitable. By being prepared,...
cat litter box

Where to put the litter box when RVing with cats

By Consuelo Heath Cats can be comforting and entertaining companions and so it's not surprising that many RVers bring theirs along on their camping adventures....

Azuki the hedgehog goes camping

Well, fellow RVers, it's about time for your daily dose of cute. And what could be cuter than a hedgehog going camping? Nothing...except for...

Keep track of your dog with a camera strapped to its back

If your dog has almost everything, but not everything, here is something to acquire to be sure it's the most fully-equipped canine in your...

RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1142

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and small-space living tips from the...
RV Shrink

Dog owner’s “bite” worse than dog’s bark

Dear RV Shrink: I love dogs. Cats aren't bad either. But lately while camping I find I am having problems dealing with barking dogs. It...
RV Shrink

Couple disagree on full-timing with cats

RV Shrink Dear RV Shrink: My husband and I want to travel full time for a few years and are thinking about buying a large Class...

Dog scratches its way through RV door

What can we learn from these photos? That some dogs will do just about anything to get out of an RV if left alone?...

Highland Ridge targets new market: Doggie RVers

By Chuck Woodbury For RVers with dogs, here's news from Highland Ridge about some new models intended to appeal to their pooches as well as...

RVing dogs be warned: Dog food health alert

Many RVers travel with dogs, and most RVers don't have kitchens large enough to prep pounds of homemade dog food each week. A new...