Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Peek inside luxury RV storage facilities and buy a unit for $366,120

By Nanci Dixon Last week I wrote about there being no room at storage facilities for RVs – they're full! While I was doing some...

An easy tip to keep the motorhome warm on the road

By Nanci Dixon Brrr! It is cold riding in a motorhome in the winter! Granted, we left Minnesota in a snowstorm, so we knew it...

Some pointers for choosing an RV storage facility

By Jim Twamley I know my neighbors weren't happy when I stored my RV next to my stick house. I tried to keep my RV...

Customized shelving for your RV cabinets

By Dave Helgeson How many wardrobe closets, tall overhead cabinets and floor-to-counter storage areas does the average RV really need? Evidently plenty – based on...

Not all RV antifreeze is created equal

By Russ and Tiña De Maris If your rig is sitting in cold country and you haven’t already done so, it’s high time to get...
RV Shrink

Couple’s “storage turf” battle in a Class B motorhome

Dear RV Shrink: My husband and I recently bought a Class B motorhome van – we like small and maneuverable. Our friends all told us...

Finding the stuff you’ve “stored” in your RV

By Bob Difley As we RVers add years to our experience, we also add stuff to our cabinets and lockers. Sooner or later we arrive...

Brutal winter coming: Protect your trailer with a full body cover

Labor Day weekend is the recognized end of summer when most families return their children to school, and the beloved vacation and weekend travel...

BoxKat is not a better mouse trap – It’s Better Than a mouse trap!

"The last 25 years have been a constant effort and battle to have my beautiful Acura NSX stored in the shop or barn...

Why use synthetic blocks under tires on asphalt?

Dear Gary, You have recommended using non-absorbing, synthetic blocks under the footprint of the tires when parked on asphalt. Would you explain why? —Don...

Wife doesn’t like RV’s “Beverly Hillbillies” look

Dear RV Shrink: My wife and I like to kayak. We both have our own kayak which I have been strapping to the roof...

Need storage for your stuff or RV?

Do you wish your RV looked like the image to the right? Are you out of storage? As RVers, we often run out of...