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Pet First Aid. Part 1: The Basic Kit you should carry with you at all times

Thank you all for your warm welcomes and great questions last week. I got quite a few questions about pet first aid: What should...

She’s on the hunt to find an RV to fit her 11 cats. Can you help her decide?

I have been shopping for a suitable RV to travel with my horde of cats. (FYI, a horde of cats is referred to as...

What to do if you lose your pet. Everything you need to know

Every year approximately 10 million pets are lost or stolen in the United States. That is a startling statistic! What should an RVing pet...

A few excellent resources to find a veterinarian for your pet while RVing

You are happily hiking with your dog when she suddenly yelps and goes down. You run over to find that your furry friend has...

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