Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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RVing the U.S. Civil Rights Trail: Top destinations

By Nanci Dixon Expand a National Parks bucket list by traveling the U.S. Civil Rights Trail. This has been an unprecedented year of social and...
Heuco Tanks

Find 12,000-year-old pictographs at this Texas campground

By Nanci Dixon Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site is a magical destination just east of El Paso, Texas. It's named for the rock...

Where are all the Black RVers? Why the outdoors isn’t as inclusive as you...

Read today's newsletter (Oct. 17, 2020) UPDATE AT 9 AM (Pacific time) SATURDAY. WE HAVE CLOSED COMMENTS and removed some of the most hateful. We'd...

How a pig nearly changed U.S. history

By Chuck Woodbury One of the America's most unusual wars involved only one casualty – a pig – and yet it could have changed the...

The RV Lifestyle: How it all began

Did you ever wonder how the RV craze began, and what were the factors that made it such a popular way to travel, experience...