Thursday, June 1, 2023



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Satellite broadband internet becoming a reality? Maybe!

SpaceX Starlink has placed more than 1,700 satellites into low-earth orbit and has a total of more than 12,000 satellites planned. Starlink's mission is...

Finally, Verizon offers affordable hotspot plans

By Chuck Woodbury PUBLISHER For many RVers, getting online on the road is a big deal, especially for those of us who work as we travel....

We tested WiFiRanger’s new Converge Everest and love it! Here’s what you need to know

We have been using the WiFiRanger Elite antenna and router system for the last eight or nine years. It has been a great system...

Are you reading this newsletter right now using cell service or Wi-Fi?

Right now, no matter what device you're reading this on, are you doing so using cell service or Wi-Fi? As RVers, it can be hard...

New online course covers internet access for RVers

RV Masterclass today (April 12) launched a new digital course, Mobile Internet Explained. “With the need to remain connected these days, mobile internet has been...

Video: Starlink Internet Service: The good news and the bad news

There's good news about SpaceX's Starlink internet's customer portal that allows customers to edit their own service address without involving customer service, which was...

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