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Take pictures as you travel? Make an album to share with friends

Traveling by RV gives us unlimited opportunities to snap fabulous photos! My smartphone is always available and it takes great pictures. I snap at least a few photos every day we’re on the road. 

That adds up to a LOT of photos. I think I’d lose friends if I shared them all! So I use Google Photos and make albums. All you need is the Google Photos app on your phone, then you can open it and view your photos.

To make an album:

  • Open the first picture you want in the album
  • Tap the 3-dot menu in upper right and choose Add to Album, then New Album
  • Type a name for the album, e.g. Chris’ 2018 Travel Photos, and tap the checkmark in the upper left

You now have an album called Chris’ 2018 Travel Photos. To add more photos to it

  • Open another photo you want in the album
  • Tap the 3-dot menu in upper right and choose Add to Album
  • This time be sure NOT to create a New album, rather, scroll down to the name of your existing album and tap that
  • Repeat for every picture you want in the album

To view your album

Google Photos has 4 parts: 

If you tap on the Albums button, you will see the albums you have created. You’ll also see the automatic, dynamic albums that Google makes for you. To go back to your library of all photos, tap on the Photos button. So, to see the album you just created, tap Albums and scroll down until you see the album name you just made and tap on it. Notice that albums, by default, are sorted from the earliest date to the latest. Albums are intended to tell a story and stories should be in chronological order, as opposed to your library of all Photos – which shows the most recent first. 

To share your album 

While viewing your album, tap the share button. On android, or web, it looks like a sideways V, on iPhone/iPad, it looks like a square with an up arrow. Once you tap Share, you will see a screen with a list of your contacts and a place to enter a phone number or email address to send to. That’s fine, but a better way is to tap the button that reads, “Get Link” or “Create Link.” That way, you copy the link to the album and you can paste that link wherever you want. You can post it on Facebook, or you can email it to a list of family and friends, or you can post it on your blog. Like this:  OR, if you know how to use your email’s link tool, it can look like this: My Photo album

Anyone with the link can view your photos

When you send a link to a friend, they do not need to have Google Photos to view it. They just click the link, and they see your photos. 

Add more photos

Once you’ve created the album and sent a link to friends, you can add more photos to that album. When your friend clicks on their link, they will see an up-to-date album with all the photos you’ve added.

Got Questions? Watch “What Does This Button Do?” Episode 145: Google Photos – Your Questions Answered.




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