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The Business of Work Camping: Making a meal – Part 2

By Sam Suva

In Part 1 last week, we discussed where to store the groceries in an RV. Now we move on to cooking a meal.

What’s in a meal anyway? How does one go about making a meal in an RV? I have talked about how we began living in an RV and the steps we had taken to make sure we could live comfortably. We did this for a month in our driveway. You are invited to share in the process of making a meal and where to put the groceries.

We moved into our RV one day at a time. The evening of our first day, we brought in groceries and opened the door to our new life, the RV entry door, and walked in. We have an armload of groceries, plates, pots and pans – what are we gonna do with all of that in this space?

We open the groceries and place them on the table and counter top. Chicken and potatoes make a good meal, along with bread and asparagus and a cold cup of milk. Let’s get started.

The potatoes will take the longest to prepare and cook, so let’s scrub them clean in the sink and peel them. On the cutting board, we slice them and add chopped onions, salt, pepper and garlic. The cast iron pan is prepared with real butter and placed on the stove. The stove top’s three burners more than adequately provide room for 8″ pans. A couple of larger pans are also accommodated on the stove top, but not more than 2 without possibly causing damage to the counter top or walls. The potatoes are sizzling in the pan nicely, so let’s turn our attention to the chicken.

Portable cutting boards are an excellent addition to any RV, allowing food preparation to occur without a great deal of continuous clean up. Using a plastic cutting board, the chicken breasts are seasoned with salt, pepper, chili powder and garlic. We will slide the chicken breasts off into a pan with olive oil and let them cook.

The cutting boards are in the sink for clean up later, and we’ll wipe the counter top with antibacterial wipe just to be sure. Now we’ll prepare our fresh asparagus from the produce stand. Unbind the bunch and rinse them well. We have a double sink in the kitchen, so we’ll use the side that is empty and clean. Snap the ends off and lightly spray with olive oil. Season with chili powder and then place them in a hot fry pan with a little olive oil. We want to blacken the vegetable so that the skin caramelizes.

The dinette is cleared off; we will set the table and add sliced bread, warm butter and drinking glasses.

The chicken is ready, so we will put that on a serving plate. Let this rest on the counter for a minute, but not too long. The asparagus is ready to be removed from the heat – we will place that on a serving plate and put it on the dinette table. The potatoes we remove from the heat, but leave in the pan and bring them to the table when the meal is served.

After the meal, we put away the supplies and the unused  groceries. The potatoes store below the refrigerator in a drawer, the dairy and meat went into the refrigerator and the desert went into the cabinet pantry, the busiest cabinet, the “snack” cabinet, in the RV.

I hope you have enjoyed the meal. Skip Bo anyone?

See you down the road,


Sam Suva and his wife are work campers. They began work camping more than 10 years ago and have spent a lot of time working as they traveled. In this new weekly feature, they will share their experiences with you, with an emphasis on how to incorporate work camping into a full time RV lifestyle.

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