The campground of your dreams? No way!


Oh, this is way too funny — a publicity photo from the REV Group, the third largest motorhome manufacturer in America. Maybe a little Photoshop going on here?

If such a scenic campsite did exist, how much do you think it would go for? This ain’t no $60-a-night spot, that’s for sure.

And check out the TV. It’s on! So if the view isn’t good enough, there’s always Wheel of Fortune to keep you entertained.

Yes, there are beautiful campsites around the USA and beyond. But something like this? Ya’ gotta be kidding, REV Group PR people!

Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Okay, this could be a boondocking spot. Where do you think it might be? Hawaii? New Zealand? Does this look like any place you’d find in North America? If you know, tell us so everyone can head over there for this magnificent view.

UPDATE: RV Travel Reader Scott Rossell informed us (see below) that the background is the Isle of Skye in Scotland. We’re pretty sure this is not an RVing hot spot for North Americans (or anyone else for that matter!). We tracked down the original photo, and it’s available for about $20 from a stock photo agency.

Maybe the next time the REV Group creates a pretty RV camping scene for its advertising it could pick a background a little more realistic. It’s not like we don’t have some beauty spots here in the USA and Canada.

What a hoot!




  1. I’m pretty amused by the way the RV industry promotes itself… and I’m amused by the myriad car ads on TV, too — you know, the ones that show cars flying from bridge to bridge, or driving sideways on buildings. Maybe the RV industry just needs to ad the same sort of fine print the car ads have, something like, “Fictionalization. Professional RVers on a closed course in an inaccessible location.”

  2. It’s indeed a goofy ad, with the TV on, but when I was a full-time boondocker with a 20′ RV, I often camped at equally beautiful sites. You have to be adventurous and willing to take unmapped dirt roads to find these sites, but they do exist. However, the bigger your RV, the less likely you are to be able to fit into these spots, or even to travel on the roads to where they exist.

  3. Lots of smoke and mirrors in RV sales. It’s no wonder anyone getting into RVing these days is bound to get the short end of the stick.

  4. This is the kinda junk that spurs first time buyers to jump into an RV. They actually think there are places like this to camp.

    Yeah Wolfe, I was looking at that slight downhill in front of the motorhome too.

  5. Why is the couple sitting on little folding stools? That’s what I want to sit on watching a big screen TV, not. Who watches TV outside while parked at any place that has a great view of nature. If you’re not going to enjoy the view, stay home.

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