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The dirty dog and the locked door

By Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service

No, this post is not about a dog eating anyone’s homework. I had an RV service call, all because a large boxer had jumped up and switched the dead bolt on the door. The owners were outside and, sure enough, they didn’t have their keys with them.

Now, if you happen to get locked out of your RV, or simply lose your keys, here are some things that might help. First of all, do not try to force the door with a screwdriver or crowbar. Yes, it will work, but it also will bend the edge of the door, and that edge is all but impossible to straighten.

If you have locked the door using only the upper lock, many RV technicians and dealerships have master keys and can open that lock. It is unlikely you will have success using someone else’s key, although it is a remote possibility.

If you have locked the bottom lock, which is the dead bolt, master keys do not work (at least not any I have seen) — so now what? Even when you are locked out via the dead bolt, I normally can open the door and it will take me longer to get the tool I need off my truck than to open the door. I am not going to go into detail about how to do this, as I know there are bad people who search the Internet and try to find new ways to do bad things. Most technicians know how to do the same thing and although you will not walk away free-of-charge, the cost will be dramatically less than replacing the door.

Or how about a spare key in your wallet?

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