The importance of motorhome checklists and an update on Siren and Andy – A new coach?


This video includes a few topics:

The importance of having a detailed motorhome checklist
– An update on Siren
– Is Andy buying a new coach?
– If yes, which Prevost converters are on his short list?

There’s much more to this story along with a download link for Andy’s customized motorhome checklist that can be found at: To keep posted of my adventures, subscribe to TheGadgetGuru’s channel on YouTube and don’t forget to click the bell and like us on Facebook at


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Bill T.

Checklists are a great idea, but brevity is the key and they need to be handy. Checklists should be brief and to the point. Mine are separate for each task and are in a bulleted, one line format, kept to a single page. Fancy binders with multiple sections and pages look nice but are cumbersome and ineffective when you need them, especially if a walk around is part of the check.