The many brands of Good Sam head honcho Marcus Lemonis


If you are a member of the Good Sam Club, you may wonder what ever happened to all the member benefits — the wonderful magazine, Highways; the national rallies; the lobbying efforts the club undertook to protect members — in fact all RVers.

It seems what you get for a membership these days is a 10% discount at Camping World and some RV parks (most of which will give you the same discount if you’re a member of AARP, FMCA or AAA).

Well, wonder no more. Just look at all of the “brands” of Marcus Lemonis, the CEO of the club and celebrity TV star. The Good Sam Club is just one of many companies in which the Good Sam head honcho has his fingers. It’s no wonder he can’t provide much attention to the club!

Here’s the list, from Mr. Lemonis’ website

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Harvest Hosts are one of his brands? Sure looks like it on this article.

Karen Barrett

as I recall, the Good SamRoadside Plan increased in price by about $50–was it last year?(Good Sam always provided services we needed in past-no problem), but the price increase made it difficult – if you didn’t pay the increase, you lost some major benefits. Picked up FMCA roadside at close to the old price with the same benefits as before. Eventually it will probably go up too, but everything does. It’s true we don’t travel as much now (and husband recent heart attack and surgery last week for pacemaker/defib. impacts that too–but locally we could still use the roadside assistance on our other vehicles- til the FMCA expiration, then figure something else out.
Karen in central Florida

Pamela J Hill

I believe he was recently indicted by the Fed for colluding with a hedge fund manager to manipulate stock prices. It’s said he’s a crook and should be locked up. Why am I not surprised?


On a positive note, I recently called Good Sam Roadside assistance when my Ranger wouldn’t start. It was less than 30 minutes from the time I initiated the call until the tow truck parked my car at the service location. Granted, I was only 4 miles from home and less than one mile to the service location, but that is still pretty good service.


IMHO this is a legitimate line of inquiry (although I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Lemonis).

I dropped my Good Sam membership two years ago because it provided no value – ever – to me in the year I owned it. I saved nothing at CGs and saved nothing on items I needed to buy. I get better insurance rates and services elsewhere.

It appears to me it is only used to funnel people to Camping World now.

Donald N Wright

Is his stock traded on the New York Stock market?


Overton’s was a pleasure to shop, and great deals were to be had when the family own, and operated the business. I shopped yearly for 20 years. I have taken my business to other venders. It appears Mr. Lemonis has different ideas for great deals and has removed many boating items.

Tom Moeller

I find this a great opportunity for FMCA to step up their game.If you buy from CW you get free Good Sam membership. FMCA should be working with the other dealers but their membership just doesn’t seem to change much. I’ve been a member for many years. Also very few campgrounds I go to give a FMCA discount. I am also a member of good Sam mainly for camping discount and flying j 8 cent diesel discount. I travel an average of 6,000 miles per year.


So, what exactly is the author of this article attempting to do? The premise is or may be legitimate, but listing every one of Lemonis business interest is not. This appears to be yet another petty obsession with Lemonis in an attempt to damage or discredit his business interests. The same point could have been accomplished by saying Lemonis has 40+ other business interests that consume his time. Keep in mind, like him or hate him, he employs many Americans. When you damage him, you also damage working Americans. I suspect the author would be crying foul if Lemonis were to use his vast resources to personally attack RvTravel.


These are investments he made with these companies, most shown on his TV program


I only recognize 3 of them.