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The reason behind our Spin and Win Contest


Watch Spin and Win and answer the quiz question:

Watch in high definition (best quality)  • Watch in standard definition (uses minimal bandwidth for you on-the-roaders)

By Chuck Woodbury, editor

Our new contest Spin and Win Contest will be a lot of fun for you and for us, but we are doing it for an important reason that is probably not readily evident.

spin-win-sm-730The video contest will be hosted on our YouTube channel. More than 38,000 people subscribe to the channel; the videos there have been viewed about 11.6 million times.

spin-blog-731What we have discovered, however, is that only about 20 percent of our videos are watched by our YouTube subscribers, the rest by people who just stumbled upon us. With rare exception, the latter group doesn’t even know RVtravel.com exists.

Our hope with the contest is that we can get some of these “strangers” to participate. To do so they will need to visit the RVtravel.com website, where they will be greeted with an invitation to subscribe to our newsletter. The idea is that if enough of them do so we can grow our readership.

It’s not as easy to profitably operate a website like RVtravel.com today as it was even five years ago, before so many people were watching on mobile devices, including their phones. In our case, only about half our audience reads our weekly newsletter and website on a computer: the rest do so on tablets and phones. The result is that readers on mobile devices do not see many of the ads and messages that contribute to our income.

We also know that about five percent of our readers voluntarily subscribe to our newsletter/website with one time or small, ongoing pledges. Increasingly, we are dependent on these contributions to replace revenue we’ve lost elsewhere. The larger our readership, the more revenue we receive from the people who believe that the benefit they receive from our work is worth their support.

So, while the Spin and Win Contest should be a lot of fun, we hope it will ultimately help us fund our business so we can keep on truckin’ — and get better all the time.

Watch Spin and Win and answer the quiz question:

Watch in high definition (best quality)  • Watch in standard definition (uses minimal bandwidth for you on-the-roaders)



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Dan (@guest_1167)
7 years ago

the website i get is https://www.rvtravel.com/contest/. I can not find a clickable link or place to enter the 2 answers. I see all the rules and disqualifications but no place to answer. Great Idea game show

Leonard (@guest_1165)
7 years ago

I can’t seem to find the contest site, there should be an easy to find click to get there

Rick (@guest_1159)
7 years ago

Chuck I can not seem to find the site either to answer today’s question

Chuck Woodbury
7 years ago
Reply to  Rick
Pat Smith (@guest_1150)
7 years ago

There is nothing easy about entering this contest. There is no RVtravel.com/contests site that I can get to and leave my answer to question?????. There needs to be a link after watching YouTube spin??
I,am 70 . There has to be an easier way. ??

Chuck Woodbury
7 years ago
Reply to  Pat Smith

Pat, the address where to enter was right on the screen, very obvious — RVtravel.com/contest . Pretty simple. Sorry you had a problem.

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