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“The RVers” new PBS TV series coming in 2019

PBS will launch a new television series in 2019 called “The RVers” and produced by FourPoints Television that will feature RV celebrity hosts taking an in-depth look at every aspect of the world of RVing.

“The RVers” will cater to traditional RVers such as Baby Boomers and retirees, as well as contemporary and new RVers. The show will also cover every kind of RV from the tiniest teardrops to the biggest fifth-wheels, and from the coolest camper vans to the most luxurious motorhomes, reported Voice News.

FourPoints launched “The RVers” Facebook page a little over a week ago and has attracted over 2,000 followers. Proven YouTube RV stars will host the show bringing an instant audience of 550,000 RV-focused subscribers on the strength of 142 million YouTube plays.

Tech Hosts
Cherie Ve Ard & Chris Dunphy, “Technomadia”
56,000 subscribers, 8 million YouTube plays

Class B Host
Anthony Nalli, Host of “The Aviators”
73,000 subscribers, 10 million YouTube plays

Class A Hosts
Peter Knize & John Sullivan “The RV Geeks”
129,000 subscribers, 32 million YouTube plays

Truck, Trailer, Fifth Wheel Host
“JD”, “Big Truck Big RV”
129,000 subscribers, 41 million YouTube plays

Class C Host
Eric Jacobs, “Nomadic Fanatic”
162,000 subscribers, 51 million YouTube plays

The show is due to premiere on PBS in the U.S., Bell TV in Canada, and iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, Microsoft Xbox, and Vudu digitally in 2019.


    • Thanks for asking, Mike. I just looked it up and found a YouTube video dated May 31 from the RV Geeks, co-hosts of the new show. They say there isn’t a specific date to start yet but that it will be this fall. We’re looking forward to watching it! 😀 —Diane at

    • All of us have our own battles in life. Perhaps we should focus on bettering ourselves before we wave our noses above others past mistakes.

  1. I love the outdoor channel. It has on day or evening nothing but showing these huge RV’s and what is all entailed. I am so glad they one day showed the smaller models. I have a TT 21 foot and love it. Bunk beds for each she. I guess it is now called a she bed. What is this world coming to? So day? Time? I can’t wait for this show. Hope it goes opposite Queen Victoria. Great series BTW

  2. We will do our best to cover every corner of the RV world. The good, the bad, and the ugly. So that our viewers are informed. RVing is a wonderful lifestyle despite the downsides.

  3. In the U.S.A.alone Aviators reports there are 200,000 full timers and that number is very quickly growing.The rv industry is booming,campgrounds near capacity,one wonders how long and fast this trend will continue,also the hosts of this program are making a decent living on youtube…..interesting times,wonder what C.Woodbury thinks……probably wishes he was one of the hosts.

  4. What RVing needs is for the show to not be a “Let’s Go Camping” sales pitch, we need an unvarnished reporting of the truth.

    Show the good, bad, and ugly so people can make informed decisions and not just run off and buy a POS that should not have left the factory in the shoddy condition it is in. Run a show on this problem with quality, give people the truth!

    And show the crowded RV parks and people not getting into parks because of their being full. People are going to be mad and disappointed not being told of this issue.

    You know, tell them all the stuff the RVIA would rather you not know and would rather cover up with claims of their wanting to know what people want. How about making a reasonably priced RV that is not falling apart or a safety hazard. One that stress function over design.

  5. Why are you using the Big RV BIG TRUCK Guy he doesn’t more about big trucks than RV’s which is a total waste of time if your interested in RVing and since he focuses on more truck stuff that’s a big waste of people time. I used to subscribe to his channel but 8out of 10 were about trucks and I wanted to know about RVs not trucks. Please pick some that are dedicated to RVing ONLY!!!

    • Maybe they will be covered under:

      Truck, Trailer, Fifth Wheel Host
      “JD”, “Big Truck Big RV”
      129,000 subscribers, 41 million YouTube plays


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