The top ten harsh realities of RV life


    A millennial couple, with two years of RVing under their belts, explain their top ten harsh realities of traveling with an RV. They do a great job explaining some of the “bad” that goes with the “good.” If you’re about to buy an RV and begin RVing, this will be an eye opener, for better or worse. If you are a veteran RVer, we suspect you’ll conclude the couple’s points are right on or darn close.

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    Boy, what a bunch of negative old fogeys commenting on this. Didn’t your mama teach you “If you can’t say something nice…”

    By the way, I’m a boomer and enjoy being around people who are older (not so many left) and younger (enthusiastic about the future.)


    Out of curiosity, I found this couples YouTube homepage and watched several videos, as I have free Wi-Fi at current location (unusual).

    Several comments:
    1. Distracted Driving. Stop vlogging while you are driving!!! Vlog when you are not driving!!!!!!

    2. This couple comes across as very arrogant and egotistical. After 3 vlogs I could stand no more. Tone it down and have some humility! Sheesh!

    3. Many minutes of nothing but music and watching scenery from the RV windshield before any real content? Have they considered RVers limitations on bandwidth at all?

    4. I had quite enough of them. No more – PLEASE!


    Let me guess about the “rumors” that preceded this couple to Quartzite.

    Was it that they are self important smug egotists lording it over other people? Know it alls? I can’t imagine how such a “rumor” could start.

    marty chambers

    I thought that this video was well done and the topic well covered.

    People that watch it have to keep in mind that this is their opinion, just because you wish to ignore the negatives does not mean that those people who talk about them are negative people, they seek the truth, the facts, something America seems to have forgotten exists anymore.

    Thanks for the video, I agree 100% with you and years of reading blogs from RVer’s support your reasoning.


    The “dark side of RV life” are these people.


    I’m a fulltime RV Boomer, but certainly won’t belittle someone because they’re a Millennial. However, I too would prefer the message in writing for many reasons, internet too slow, limited data, etc. I may be wrong, but I’d guess it’s mostly Boomers reading this article.


    Back in the early 1990’s we first started full timing and were belittled by old folks then…the infamous WWII generation who thought boomers were all hippies and dopers. Well..guess what..they found out different that there are a few rednecks around who actually worked for a living..instead of sitting on computers like they do now and claim to be working. At any rate..those old folks moved on to old age homes and us boomers were free to roam the highways.So…don’t belittle all people…people…we ALL get a turn sooner or meet the make the best of it while you can.


    When I saw it was from Millenials I knew it would be a waste
    of time. They have no common sense. Everything they mentioned most people already know. And yes there used to be perfect camp spots. Until millennials came along and started telling everybody in the world where they were on youtube. Now they’re filling up. I call rving Millennials “grasshoppers”. They quit their jobs to have fun now. Remember the old “Ant and the Grasshopper” story. When they reach their 50s and 60s and they haven’t got any money for old age like social security because you have to pay into it to receive it they’ll found out.


    They have to use video because they are Millennials, narcissists who have to see themselves. Text is easier than video, but you can’t be a YouTube star without video.

    Joseph P Hastings

    I can read much faster than watch a video, so I don’t bother with videos. If you want to communicate something to me, allow me to read it otherwise the content will be ignored.

    Elaine Jordan

    Good grief…..totally agree with other comments….not sure what the video says, but one of the harsh realities of RV life is limited data plans or spotty internet?


    Bandwidth restrictions is one of the realities. 10 minute videos simply don’t work out for many RVers. If one wants to share a point of view, text is the best method to reach RVers.