Friday, October 22, 2021


Our Earth from afar! If only. . .


Oh, if only if we could do what Mr. Mitchell suggests! Oh, what I would give to experience this view. When we went to the moon in the ’60s, I was sure that one day I would visit, too. 



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Gene Bjerke
4 years ago

A story from the piecework (actually semi-piecework) world. I once worked at a table factory that had a system perfected by the Communists (called the Stakhanovite system). Everyone was given a quota of pieces to put out. If you exceeded your quota, you were paid extra on a piecework basis. (What they didn’t tell you was that if you consistently beat the quota, it was raised). I always met quota, but my foreman (who, I assume, got paid extra when I did) was always urging me to work faster. One night he chewed me out for not putting out more product, which made me mad. So I worked like a fiend. Next night he was even madder because every single piece had been rejected by quality control. But he left me alone after that.

John Koenig
4 years ago

If the states (or Federal) government would extend Lemon Laws to cover RVs, I believe we would see a LOT of improvement in quality.

Bill Semion
4 years ago

Re: RV quality. Your editorial is right on. I know the usual answer about RV quality is, they’re complicated systems. Well that falls flat. So are semi-tractor trailers. So are modern automobiles. So are houses. Would you be happy if your house broke just as you moved in? I do not understand how RVs are sometimes so sloppily put together. Now I do, a little. If you’re paid by the piece, then it’s to your advantage to churn’em out as fast as you can. Who cares about quality.