Thief steals RVs from storage lot and sells them out of state


    This guy got caught, but his modus operandi seems to demonstrate a very simple way for crooks to make off with your stored RV. How he sold them without the title is another question.

    PARKER, Fla. – A man is in custody after being accused of stealing RV’s and campers from storage facilities in Parker, reports

    Parker Police Officer Lt. Aaron Wilson said investigating officers found Charles Harris had rented a storage unit to gain access to the gate code, then when no one was around, he would allegedly steal RVs and sell them out of state.

    Lt. Wilson said they have been able to recover five RV’s so far.

    “We’ve gotten information from other agencies and Alabama that he’s done the same thing across the state, the dollar value of the thefts here are over a hundred thousand dollars,” he said.

    Investigators believed Harris fled to Alabama but he was found and arrested in Santa Rosa County Thursday night.

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    Bernie Turner
    1 year ago

    Can’t comment on motorized motorhomes but some states do not have titles for trailers.