Though demand is high, Texas town stalls building of new RV parks


    With the number of new RVs flooding our roadways and campgrounds and the failure of new campgrounds and RV parks to keep up with the increasing demand for campsites, it seems a move in the wrong direction when the building of new RV parks is thwarted.

    At its meeting Tuesday, July 10, the Rockport, Texas, City Council approved an ordinance implementing a temporary moratorium on new RV parks pending the completion of the city’s comprehensive land use plan, reported the Rockport Pilot.

    “We’re getting a lot of Conditional Use Permit requests for RV parks, especially along the Highway 35 Bypass,” said Community Planner Amanda Torres.

    She said the time to look at the city’s land use map is when it’s updating its comprehensive plan, which has not been updated in a number of years.

    “We aren’t shutting down RV parks in the city,” said Public Works Director Mike Donoho. He added, “Do we want to line our prime real estate on the bypass with RV parks?” The master plan update should be completed by next summer, but the initial moratorium is only good for 180 days, though it can be extended by council vote. All RV park applications now in process will be allowed. 


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    Do not like news format!

    Brett Nicholas

    I’m not a fan of the news format. It’s no longer easy to just scroll down and read everything. It makes it difficult to the point I didn’t read everything because I had to close a page and click another headline and then close it and repeat. Not worth the trouble.

    Gene Bjerke

    I do like the new format. Rather than plowing through pages of items, I can just look at the headline to see if I am interested. Then I only click the one I’m interested in.


    I agree with Jim. The old format made for much easier reading, where I could skim through items of little interest to me and dwell on others. With this design I have to separately click on every item, which opens a new window, then close and return, over and over. Ugh.

    Patti Panuccio

    Rockport is open for business but still recovering from Hurricane Harvey. If you can’t find a campground buy a beach permit at any area Stripes and head for the beach.

    Jim Beauchamp

    Do not like the new News format