Thursday, December 8, 2022


Your thoughts invited: RV park? Trailer park? Campground? 


In this feature, we ask our readers a question to see what they think about a particular issue.

Today, we’d like your opinion about RV parks. Most long-time RVers have observed that RV parks are not all the same, far from it. One can be gorgeous and cater to overnighters or short-term travelers. Another can be ghetto-like and be filled with low-income residents who live there full time. Yet another may be very attractive and populated with seasonal or even full-time RVers in expensive RVs.

It can be confusing when we’re traveling and searching for a place for the night, or for a site to book for the following week. Descriptions on websites and in printed directories can often shed a very favorable light on a particular RV park. We might go ahead and reserve a space, sight unseen. But then, we arrive and it’s a mess — unmowed lawns, dog poop everywhere, abandoned cars, and campsites occupied year-round, perhaps with some blue tarps protecting leaky rigs from the rain.

What should those later places that cater to “residents” be called to distinguish them from places that cater to “travelers”? Please leave your thoughts using the form below. Be creative (but polite). We may quote you in a future article.

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