Three common ways full-time RVers get their mail


How do you get your postal mail when you’re on the road full time? Don Humes, the owner of South Dakota’s Americas Mailbox, answers that question. There are basically three ways, one of which Don favors over others (and which most full-timers favor as well).

And is it true that you can have large items shipped to a place like Don’s – for example a fully assembled Harley Davidson motorhome, or even a motorhome? Watch the two-minute video to find out.

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1 year ago

We have several trusted neighbors who are happy to collect our mail. We give them a large “one-rate” post office box for each month we are away. They then send the box to a USPO general delivery at the end of each month or whenever it gets full. I provide mailing labels for the locations we know we will be visiting, or by email we coordinate where to ship. These boxes cost about $20 to send, and we give the neighbor another $20 for collecting, packaging and sending each one once a month.

1 year ago

We use escapees mail service, love it and best of all no problems

1 year ago

One of the lesser known PMB services is, based out of Michigan. We’ve been very happy with them. Reading our mail online and then downloading to our cloud box is easy and convenient. They get rid of all junk mail and either scan, shred, or forward our mail as we request it.