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Thumbs up – September 2017

Here are some recent “thumbs up” letters or comments we’ve received from readers of

Great service from an RV dealer
Dear Chuck,
There are so few good stories about RV dealers, I would like to share one. We recently had problems with one of our slides. We own a 2013 Coachmen Leprechaun 317 SA with full body paint. We purchased it new from Manteca Trailer and RV. We are full time and love it. Our main slide made a noise like a tree branch snapping when we would bring it in. We looked but saw nothing. When we were putting the slide out, we heard what sounded like a machine gun ( Vietnam Vet). The slide was half way out and tilting towards the ground. We were able to bring it back in. Seventy five percent of the screws in the Interior flange had popped out.

Lucky to be back from Arizona we drove to Manteca Trailer and explained our problem. We were told they couldn’t help us for at least a week. Booked solid! The shop manager heard out problem and came out and said….. can you be here tomorrow at 8 a.m? We were there at 8 a.m. and out at 1 p.m, all screws replaced with larger better ones. Total cost $196. We  have a $200 deductible. They we great. We have been really lucky with very few problems with our motorhome. —Rob K. and Arlene W.
• • •

Emergency hospital stay in small Washington town
My wife became deathly ill while traveling in Washington. I recalled I had seen a hospital in the small town of Colville on a previous trip. I took her there as it was the only hospital for many miles. It was an excellent facility. While she was hospitalized there for nearly a week, I was allowed to park my motorhome in the employee area. It was a beautiful setting with large grassy areas and trees. Each morning I was treated to deer grazing right outside. I was told this hospital was a satellite hospital of a very large hospital in Spokane. It was equipped with all the technology of the larger facility due to the remoteness of the area. My wife received excellent care there. If you are ever in this area of Washington and need medical assistance you can rely on receiving very good care in Colville. Colville also has a community campground where you can find water and a dump station. A Walmart is nearby also. —Pete D.
• • •

Positive Good Sam roadside experiences
I have had two claims with GS in the same calendar year and both were good experiences. One was “emergency” roadside trailer tire flat and the other a truck tire flat in a campground. My complaint though is that neither of the call center agents could properly pin-point me and in the emergency case the mechanic was sent 30 miles in the wrong direction, so that added to the response time. That though is a product of lack of grid based mapping out in rural Minnesota more than anything. —Jason
• • •

Quiet campground in B.C.
My wife and I manage a campground in British Columbia, Canada. It’s a non-amplified music campground, no music anytime with the exception of acoustical guitar playing. We’re nestled among 75 foot trees in an inland rainforest, it’s a rustic setting to be sure. We’re rated 4.5 / 5 and receive positive comments about the campground for many reasons but frequently it’s because it’s a non-amplified campground. In fact, one guest had read a negative review (3 / 5) about not being able to play music. He told us this is why he chose to camp. We’ve even had young adults camp with us while their friends camped at the “party” campground! We’ve had much success with this policy so, if there’s other campground operators worried about it affecting their bottom line, we can say its helped ours. —Mike and Louise B.
• • •

Shout out for Escapees RV Club
Escapees RV Club has made an effort to attract younger RVing families with a group called XSCAPERS; has an excellent magazine; a directory of RV parks that offer various discounts; a number of Rainbow Parks, run by Escapees, which are open to both members and non-members; several Escapee (SKP) co-op parks, with some rental spaces available, to members only; a very informative web site; many state/province chapters; they have regional and national Escapades; and they run the most impressive mail forwarding system I’ve ever seen (available for a fee). We were so impressed by our experience with the organization we became Lifetime members. —Sharon N.
• • •

Happy Good Sam Roadside Assistance customer
I have had two occasions to utilize my Good Sam Roadside Assistance program, both dealing with failures with my Dodge RAM 2500 and in situations where my 5th wheel was not attached or involved. Both times the person at their call center was courteous, helpful and provided excellent response to my calls for help. I happily renew my subscription each year when it comes due. —Barry
• • •

Satisfied AAA insurance customer
Triple A Plus RV is a good insurance policy. We have it on top of our vehicle insurance roadside policy. It’s insurance and just the mental benefit of having it is a plus and worth the cost. When needed, it is, we feel, the best available. Fortunately, we’ve only had to utilize it a couple times and the wait was reasonable for the rural and one remote location. —Lorane
• • •

Parking RV in hospital parking lot
My wife took ill while traveling in Nevada one year and she ended up overnight in the hospital in Elko. I asked if there would be a problem with me parking in their lot with our travel trailer. No problem. They told me RVers often end up in their facility and we could park in the outer edge of the parking lot. They don’t have specific RV parking. Just don’t block the way in to the ER. —Tommy M.
• • •

Very happy Good Sam Roadside Assistance customer
Broke down out in the farmland of Washington state. No power at all. It was the fuseable link located out of sight and reach. Good Sam roadside assistance sent out a master diesel mechanic with its full service truck for free. Oh, it’s midnight! Unable to repair in the field. Good Sam then sent out a tow truck. The coach was parked in a manner that it had to be jacked over inch by inch to get it into the position that the tow truck could hook up. Oh, it’s way past midnight. Then it had to be towed to Longview WA, many miles away to the shop to wait for the mechanic to show up in the morning. They ran extension cords from the shop so we could run our a/c and refrigerator. Oh, I forgot to say it was the forth of July weekend. Six hours of repair, charged for three. FREE TOW. Grand Good Sam roadside assistance!!! I don’t know Marcus Lemonis. —Buzzelectric
• • •


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