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Tiffin comes through – even after buyout

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
For decades we’ve heard the praises of Tiffin RVs. A couple of our friends own them and have largely praised their solid manufacturing and durability. But when we heard that Tiffin had been bought out by Thor, we heard alarm bells. Here’s a tale told by one RVer on how, despite disappointments, Tiffin comes through, even after the Thor takeover.

Life savings into a Tiffin

Jim’s Tiffin Allegro

Jim S. tells us that in early 2020, he and his wife took their life savings to buy a new Tiffin Allegro motorcoach. They plunked down their money in a Raleigh, North Carolina, dealership, and spent a few months getting ready for their dream shakedown cruise. Here’s where things get a little funny.

Jim bought their new rig in February. Some nine months later, he “pulls out of the driveway.” What’s on the bumper? Not your usual North Carolina license plate. Nope. Jim has in hand a temporary, 30-day license tag, issued back in February. Don’t blame Jim. He’d assailed the dealer with phone calls and emails, pleading for his tag and title, to no avail. Let’s fault the dealer – there’s no way Tiffin could do much to help on this issue.

Jim’s shakedown cruise, like just about any new RV purchase, reveals a few things that need fixing. A call to the selling dealership scores Jim a warranty repair appointment – in January of 2021. The appointed time arrives, and the Tiffin is parked at the dealership for the warranty work. And parked. And parked. Finally, after three months, Jim picks up the rig at the dealer – he has his second road trip planned. By the way, when he leaves the dealer, he actually has a license plate and title – but that warranty work? You guessed it – still not done.

Back to the dealership

After an April 2021 road trip, Jim dutifully returns the ailing Allegro to the Raleigh dealership for those pesky warranty repairs. He’s had the rig for more than a year, and still waiting for those “fresh off the lot” repairs to be made. Three more months pass and, lo and behold, the dealer has his rig ready. All repairs are complete – well, except one. At least Jim can make that third road trip.

After the uneventful road trip, Jim drops off the Tiffin in Raleigh. This time, it’s a record! In two weeks the dealer reports Jim can pick up the motorhome! Yes, that last maintenance item was indeed repaired. Well, OK. But that trim that needed some paint after an earlier slide-out repair? Somehow they forgot to get to that. Back to the dealer. This time, Jim waits at the dealership while the paint job is done. They painted it all right – except the color doesn’t match. But Jim has yet another road trip scheduled for November 2021, so he takes the rig home.

New dealership finally gets it done

The relatively “new” motorhome, has only three runs in the 21 months of ownership. We can only imagine the family’s elation to hit the road for their fourth adventure. Whoops! Guess what? The slideout won’t extend. The dealer says, sure come on back – sometime in December. Tired of the waiting – and the runaround – Jim drove two hours farther to Campers Inn RV, in Mocksville, North Carolina. That dealership soon had Jim’s motorhome back in operation. They found the Raleigh dealer improperly installed a part when doing earlier slideout work.

How does Tiffin fit in? While “mother” may not have been able to get the first dealer to step up to the plate, Tiffin still comes through. While Thor may have taken over the Tiffin family name, the family still has ears, and clout. Bob Tiffin, the company founding father, got wind of Jim’s problem. He personally called Jim and offered to extend his rig’s warranty for another year. Guess there is something to be said for the family continuing to “run daily operations” at the Tiffin plants.

We sympathize with Jim and the hassles he’s been through. At the same time, it’s good to hear that to some degree, Tiffin comes through, buffing what could be a bit of tarnish off the company name.

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Tiffin sold out – Will reliability crash under Thor ownership?



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Ron Yanuszewski
10 months ago

I would just add-for now.

10 months ago

Nice to hear of the happy ending to Jim’s story. Also good to hear that Bob Tiffin is still looking after the products that bear his name.

The only thing missing from Jim’s story is the name of the Raleigh dealership so they can be avoided by newsletter readers.

10 months ago
Reply to  Vincee

I agree. I am encouraged to learn that Bob Tiffin is still able and willing to stand behind products with his name. I so wish I could say the same about my Newmar and the Miller family that has not stood behind the one they sold me.

I also would like to know the name of the Raleigh dealership for future reference.

Bob p
10 months ago

30+ years ago I was in a chapter of the Good Sam Club, there was also a fellow member who owned a Tiffin. He told of the times he would take his unit in for service and how Bob Tiffin treated him like he still owned that motorhome, personally seeing to it that it was serviced quickly and properly, so I’m well aware of the Tiffin quality.

10 months ago

My version of this story would have been much shorter. If I couldn’t leave the dealership with the paperwork to needed to get a tag right away I would have left in whatever I was driving when I arrived. I bought a car once and was promised the paperwork in a few days. After a few days, followed by no response to phone calls, I planted myself in front of the salesman’s desk and made it clear I was not leaving without my paperwork or a full refund. He had my paperwork in about 10 minutes.