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9 ways to use pencils (no writing involved)

You probably have at least two or three pencils in your RV at any given time. You may use them to jot a note or add an item to your grocery list. But did you know that the lowly pencil can do so much more than that? It’s true! Here are some unusual and useful ways to use them at home and in your RV (no writing involved).

Needle keeper

When we travel, I take along a very small sewing repair kit. If I need to replace a button or make another fabric fix, I use a pencil eraser for my pin cushion. It works like a charm!

Toothpaste roller

Use a pencil to get the very last bit of toothpaste from the tube. Place the pencil perpendicular to the end of the tube. Press the pencil as you roll it toward the top of the tube and voila!

Sticker residue remover

When removing a sticker, residue is often left behind. Use the eraser to remove the sticky, gluey mess.

Make rubbings

For a tactile souvenir, make a rubbing of that unusual leaf or tombstone epitaph. Place a clean piece of paper over the area and gently rub with the side of the pencil lead.

Reset your router

If your Wi-Fi is running slowly you may need to reset your router. The problem is that the button is so small. Grab a sharpened pencil, poke the reset button, and your network connection should be refreshed.

Plant holder

Pencils work to support fragile stemmed plants. Just poke one into the soil close to the stem. Bonus: Also use one to poke holes in the soil. The aeration will make your plant happier.

Cuticle refresher

Use the eraser of a new pencil to gently push back fingernail cuticles.

Unstick a zipper

Run the lead over the teeth of a zipper several times. This will help the zipper to work smoother.

Clean narrow spaces

Wrap a damp cloth around a pencil eraser. Use it to clean your RV’s shower track. Or put the cloth around the pointed end of the pencil to remove gunk within smaller crevasses.

Can you add to the list? Please do so in the comments.



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Don B
1 month ago

Re the toothpaste; I cut the tube apart and can usually get 2- 3 more brushings from the cap end, even if I have rolled the tube tight.

1 month ago

Finger splint when you pull it out of joint!

David V
1 month ago
Reply to  Dave

A finger splint should be curved with the natural curve of a finger needing splinting. Padded aluminum splints work best as they can be easily bent to said curvature.

Neal Davis
1 month ago

Thank you, Gail. Running the list through my mind enhances the chance that I’ll remember them in the future, should I encounter an appropriate situation. Thanks again and merry Christmas!

Jim Johnson
1 month ago

I will recommend against using a pencil to push a reset switch inside electronics. Graphite is a semi-conductor. Dust from the pencil lead could easily create short circuits inside the case. Use a straightened paper clip. Most folks will have one if you don’t. Or carefully use a sewing needle.

Glenda Alexander
1 month ago
Reply to  Jim Johnson

Besides what Jim pointed out, the lead could break inside the case. I use a straightened paper clip.

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