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Finding extra storage space on your RV’s ceiling

Wait. What?! Store things on the CEILING of my RV? What could possibly go up there?! Well, it’s true. Your RV’s ceiling has plenty of storage space. Read on to discover where… and how.

First, a few tips…

Before purchasing supplies always check to see that your ceiling storage solution isn’t going to become a “head thumper.” Even the very best ceiling storage trick isn’t good if it impedes people’s movements within the RV.

Use a stud finder to ensure that you are fastening into a secure spot in the ceiling and walls near the ceiling. After all, you don’t want everything to suddenly fall on your head!

Be careful about weight and weight distribution. Balance the load and do not overload your ceiling storage solution.

Cargo netting

Above bunks. Attach cargo netting to the ceiling over your RV’s bunk beds. Kiddos can store clothes, toiletry bags, toys, and more inside the netting.

Toy hauler garage. The ceiling of your RV toy hauler is another great place for cargo netting storage. Use it to keep motorcycle jackets, boots, and other gear up, up, and away.

Above sofa. Ceiling storage works especially well in areas where folks do not normally stand. Cargo netting above your RV sofa can hold extra linens and pillows until they are needed. Or use the nets to contain magazines, maps, and RV owner’s manuals.

RV basement. Attach cargo netting to the ceiling of your RV’s basement. It can help hold picnic tablecloths, tarps, or outside mats, and more.


Living room storage. If you have unused space near your RV ceiling, consider making narrow bookshelves in that space. Angle iron brackets will hold simple boards in place. Shelving only 5½ inches wide will hold CDs, paperback books, tchotchkes, and small framed pictures.

Lofts. RV lofts are the perfect place for shelving positioned near the ceiling. First, measure the height of your toy or craft storage boxes. Build shelves about an inch below the measurement to allow for easy access.

Closet ceilings. Place the shelving near the ceiling inside your RV closet or cabinet. A narrow shelf can keep shoes out of your way yet visible and accessible when you need them.

Entrance door. The space above your RV entrance door is usually wide open. That makes it a great opportunity for shelving storage. Be sure to measure the height of items or containers you want to place there. Then attach shelves about an inch below that measurement. Hats, gloves, umbrellas, and more can be stashed above the door until needed.

Ceiling racks

Sport equipment storage. Install a rack like this to the ceiling of your basement storage space. Use it to hold skis, snowboards, boogie boards, tennis rackets, and other sports equipment.

RV systems containers. If you use the popular black and yellow storage containers to contain your water, sewer, or electrical hoses, you may want to affix this bracket system or one like it to the ceiling of your RV’s basement. The bins easily slide on and off the rack and will keep the floor of your basement storage area open for other equipment.

Do you use ceiling space for extra storage? Share your ideas and tips for doing so in the comments below.


Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh is an avid RVer and occasional work camper. Retired from 30+ years in the field of education as an author and educator, she now enjoys sharing tips and tricks that make RVing easier and more enjoyable.



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Jeff Mattingly (@guest_215116)
11 months ago

I had to come back to see about the star rating someone mentioned. I give it 5 stars for thinking outside the box. It’s amazing how many are stuck in their little box. Too bad. But thanks for the ideas and inspiration.

Jeff Mattingly (@guest_215110)
11 months ago

Thanks for the inspiration. I have made wooden brackets to hold plastic bins in my workshop but hadn’t thought about them in the pass thru. I think a plastic bin designed to fit under a bed for wrapping paper or shoe storage may be a good fit. I have also repurposed some hooks with a red rubbery coating designed for holding extension cords or something. I’m using four of them to suspend a small folding table with only the legs folded and I slide my telescopic ladder on top of it. This leaves about a foot of space on the floor for cables, hoses and plumbing stuff.

It’ll be spring before I can get to this, but I’ll try to get photos to send.

Elaine Watkins (@guest_215042)
11 months ago

As my friends often say, this thread is useless without pictures. I’d like to SEE how others have used these ideas. Showing the products alone without context isn’t as helpful. Thanks!

Deborah M Mullins (@guest_214916)
11 months ago

I am going to need visuals and success stories. might as well stay at home if I need that much stuff.

Neal Davis (@guest_214887)
11 months ago

Thank you, Gail! I especially like the idea of cargo nets in the top of storage bays. Thank you!

Jane (@guest_214876)
11 months ago

I think this is best for a destination trailer/RV that is stationary.

Donald N Wright (@guest_214861)
11 months ago

Airstream ceiling is 6’6″, I am 6’4″ tall. No storage or ceiling fan for me. However, the Aliner popup has lots of ceiling space in the center, and Aliner owners put racks up there.

Snoopy (@guest_214858)
11 months ago

Hey Gail, curious to what STUD finder you used? Please advise! Rough crowd today, but I also agree with their statement below!

volnavy007 (@guest_214841)
11 months ago

Where is the star system for rating this article? I’d give it 1 star.

Gil (@guest_214837)
11 months ago

The three comments below speaks volume and I concur.

Bob p (@guest_214838)
11 months ago
Reply to  Gil

Amen, the idea is to keep weight low, adding weight to the ceiling is surely going to affect handling. Johnny Robot must be involved again.

Dan (@guest_214836)
11 months ago

Poke holes my ceiling? Nope. Quit dragging around so much crap? Yup.

Dalton Mccormick (@guest_214834)
11 months ago

Not a good idea, Top Heavy

Tommy Molnar (@guest_214831)
11 months ago

Sorry. No way. I’m always looking for ways to get rid of stuff, not add more.

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