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Tips, tricks, and hacks for using baby wipes while RVing


Even if you do not travel with a baby, the following tips and tricks for using baby wipes while RVing just might make your trips easier and more enjoyable.

Note: Always test the tip in an unobtrusive spot first, before continuing with the tip. Some baby wipes may contain a very small amount of alcohol but are generally quite safe and gentle. (After all, they’re made for babies!)

Inside the RV

  • Clean your RV microfiber sofa. Along with baby wipes, you’ll also need a clean, dry towel and a hair dryer. Work in small sections. Wet the section by rubbing the wipe over it, first up and down and then back and forth. Immediately dry the cleaned area by rubbing it with a towel and/or hair dryer set on low or no heat. Continue section by section until the entire sofa has been cleaned.
  • Clean leather furniture, too. You can remove dirt, grease, and grime from your leather RV furniture with a baby wipe, too. Just wipe the leather surface and then buff dry with a clean, dry towel.
  • Remove unintended crayoned “artwork” off your RV’s interior walls. Rub the crayon marks off with a wipe.
  • The wipes are also great for spot-cleaning the RV’s vinyl floor until you have time to mop.
  • We use a whiteboard inside our RV to note our current location (campground name, campsite number, etc.) for potential emergencies. If a permanent marker is accidentally used on the whiteboard, a baby wipe will easily remove the mark.
  • If you spill something on your RV’s carpet (like coffee, soda, etc.) immediately place a baby wipe over the spill. Place a towel on top of the wipe and step on the towel to soak up the spill. This should remove the stain.
  • Use a wipe to clean the RV ceiling fan blades and dust the motor housing. You can also remove grime from portable fan blades with a quick swipe.
  • RV window blinds can get so dusty and grimy, too. Here’s a quick fix: Pinch a baby wipe over blind slats, one at a time, and wipe in one direction for a quick, easy clean.
  • Clean your RV refrigerator’s door seals with a simple swipe of a baby wipe.
  • You can dust indoor plants with baby wipes. Just wipe down individual leaves. Your plants will thank you!
  • Clean electronics in your RV. A baby wipe will remove fingerprints, smudges, and dirt from your cell phone, laptop keyboard and screen, and television screens. Unplug first, of course. And if your wipe is overly wet, wring it out first.

Baby wipes for personal care inside the RV

  • If your deodorant leaves white streaks on your dark clothing, grab a baby wipe. A quick rub will remove the streaks.
  • Clean dirt and grime from your shoes—both inside and outside. Use a dry wipe to buff shoes to a glossy shine.
  • A baby wipe will remove ink from skin. Wipes also make great makeup removers.
  • If you spill coffee or soda on your shirt, a wipe will remove the stain—if you wipe it right away.
  • Use a baby wipe to make nice sachets for your RV. Cut a wipe into small squares. Apply a drop or two of your favorite essential oil on each piece and place the pieces in your RV drawers and/or closet for a nice fragrance.

Outside the RV

  • We keep a box of the wipes in our RV’s basement storage area. That way they are readily accessible for wiping hands after dumping tanks or doing any outside maintenance chores. We also use them to remove dirt from the exterior of our water and electric hoses before storing them away.
  • They’re great for cleaning bird poo off camp chairs.
  • Use baby wipes to dust your motorhome or truck’s dashboard. They also work well to clean the A/C vent louvers, cup holders, steering wheel, and more.
  • Use baby wipes to remove bugs off the exterior of your RV.
  • Wipes will clean and shine alloy wheels.
  • If you get sap on your clothing, grab a baby wipe. Tear it in half. Then place one wipe on top of the sap and the other piece on the underside of the garment at the stain. Let it soak for a few minutes and the wipe should remove the sap.
  • Keep a small package of the wipes inside your vehicle’s glove box. Use wipes to clean your hands before snacking as you travel. The wipes may also come in handy for cleaning up spills in your vehicle, too.
  • Baby wipes will clean and freshen your hands after pumping fuel.
  • Use wipes to remove dried bird poo off your RV’s or truck’s windows.
  • Been to the beach? A baby wipe will quickly wipe away the sand and dirt from your feet, so you won’t transfer the mess into your RV.
  • My husband uses baby wipes to clean his fishing rods. Afterward, they almost look like new!
  • The wipes will easily clean seat belt straps. Give it a try!
  • We once had a soda explode inside our truck. A baby wipe immediately cleaned the mess off our truck’s headliner with no resulting stains.
  • Use baby wipes to clean chalk and rope grime from hands after rock climbing. The wipes will also help to soothe your hands.
  • Clean your bicycle’s tire rims and spokes with baby wipes. You can also use the wipes to spiff up your bike’s seat and handlebars.
  • Keep a package of baby wipes inside your cooler or insulated backpack. A cool wipe can soothe a sunburn, wipe a sweaty forehead after hiking, and help to clean a scratch or cut.

For pet owners

  • Wipe off your pet’s paws using baby wipes—especially if you’ve been in snow or walked on salted or treated sidewalks.
  • Additionally, use a wipe to remove loose fur from your pet. Just wipe him down. The wipe will catch loose hair and contains no harmful chemicals.

Did you know?

  • Some baby wipes can be laundered and reused as dust cloths or rags (e.g., Huggies brand).
  • RVers recycle empty wipe containers for many uses. For example, you can store jewelry inside small packages for travel days. Kids and grandkids like to use the containers for game pieces. I use the larger tube-shaped containers to neatly corral and store plastic grocery bags.

Do you use baby wipes while RVing? Tell us about your tips or hacks in the comments below.



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14 days ago

I have a pack sitting by the sink for small cleanup jobs.

17 days ago

Good ideas here. I’m a boater as well and have found that the wipes are perfect for cleaning the vinyl upholstery. I like to get the better ones- they seem to last longer and need less effort to use.

17 days ago

I use wipes for a lot of things so I always have a small package in my purse. If we eat at a fast food place, or even a restaurant, and the table doesn’t look clean, or feels icky, I get a wipe and clean the table off! If there is no soap in the restroom, I use a wipe. Our cat travels with us, and sometimes she throws up – always on carpet, never on the vinyl floor. I use a Clorox wipe on the carpet after cleaning up the mess, and dry it off with a paper towel. It finishes drying and leaves no stain.

17 days ago

Awesome article on what you can use them for. One thing not mentioned was DO NOT throw them in your black tank! They can plug things up! I know they say some of them are bio-degradable, but they are not in my experience!

17 days ago

Why not just use a microfiber cloth with water? Costs less, is always handy, better for the environment. The more I use my microfiber clothes the more I like them. **Do not wash with terry cloth towels, the lint clogs up the microfiber** Costco’s are the best!

Lori G
17 days ago

What brand of wipes have you found work best without any damage to surfaces?

Judy G
17 days ago

Class C got plastered with bugs in the season in Montana. Parked under a tree with my wet wipes and ‘cleared up’ the problem.