Thursday, October 6, 2022


Too many RVers unhappy with quality of their RV


By Andrew Robinson
When asked its readers to assess the workmanship on their RVs, one in five said “poor or terrible.” The flip side, of course, is nearly four in five, 79 percent, rated the workmanship as “good or excellent.” More than 1,400 RVers responded to the poll conducted in late July 2017.

“Four out of five is an amazing statistic to a baseball team, but it’s not impressive when it comes to the quality of RVs being manufactured,” said editor Chuck Woodbury. “I certainly wouldn’t get on a plane if there were only a four in five chance it would make it to its destination. I think the buyers of RVs should be concerned that so many poor units are being sold.

“The RV industry is making close to a half-million vehicles this year, with factories struggling to keep up with demand. An RV is a complex product and there are many places in the production process to make mistakes. Still, RV makers must do better. They should not accept that one of five customers is dissatisfied with the quality of their purchase.”

Visit the page where the survey was taken and read the many reader comments.



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5 years ago

I love my jayco travel trailer. It may be small for a 20 x 8 but I hate to say it. I love it. General RV was great. Camping World took care of the braking system when I got a new car. Shower is small but hey I only do what I need to do in there. Nice mini apartment on wheels. Plus it is just three of us so we don’t need anything bigger.

5 years ago

We ordered a 2017 Class A (MSRP $400k+) in November 2016 and took delivery May 2017.Even though the dealer had it from March till delivery, it had numerous issues they did not find/rectify in their Predelivery Delivery Inspection protocol. We planned to stay at their facility 1 night, but had to stay 3 nights to have the issues we found rectified. In the 4-week ‘shakedown’ trip from Elkhart back home (2500 miles) we found numerous fit and finish issues, broken dinette, 2 euro loungers inoperative, large shower leaks (could not use for 3 weeks!), failed main awning, failed automatic transfer switch (couldn’t use 10 KW genset for 3 weeks!) and numerous other issues.

It has been in the shop since we got back since end June, and we hope we can get it back for the Labor Day Weekend, BUT it has to go back.for more work. During delivery, we went to an authorized chassis shop to have the alignment and ride height checked and found that it was seriously out of specs, with moderate weight, AND the tag axle alignment slot washers were WELDED to the frame so the out-of-alignment could not be corrected. After the RV shop finishes with the Coach, we have to take it to the chassis manufacturer’s service facility to have the alignment/suspension issues addressed.

Up till now, all of this has been under warranty and the Coach and chassis manufacturers seem to be cooperating, BUT where was QC at both factories? Why didn’t the delivering dealer find and rectify many more if not most of these issues? I am NOT INTERESTED in how hard it is to find good employees in Indiana! The amount of money they are paying now to rectify issues from the factory floor is far in excess of what a proper QC function should have caught in production. And what about customer satisfaction? We’re not mentioning any names (including ours) now to avoid any problems with the manufacturers – we want our Coach brought up to the PROMISED quality we deserve and paid for! Luckily for us our local authorized RV dealer (not the delivering dealer in IN) which is doing the warranty work have taken our Coach as a ‘mission’ to correct all the issues we AND THEY have found and deliver to us a quality Coach.

Bonnie Bowers
5 years ago

I have an elderly motorhome, a 95 Four Winds, Class A, 30 foot. I think its been put together pretty good. One thing they could of improved on is the roof vents. My husband is ill and I’m also a senior. I would love to be able to clean the roof vents from inside instead of someone having to crawl on the roof to do it. I’m able to do this chore from inside, I’m only 62, but unable to get on the ladder and pull myself onto the roof. Also, they need too make the air filter more accessible. I still can’t get to it. Regards, Bonnie

Bonnie Bowers
5 years ago
Reply to  Bonnie Bowers

I put motor home but auto correct thinks I have a motor bike obviously

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
5 years ago
Reply to  Bonnie Bowers

I fixed it, Bonnie, since I knew that’s what you meant. Have a great day! 😀 —Diane at

Vic Mazzaro
5 years ago

You aren’t going to believe this but I bought a 2017 Palomino Travel Trailer from Camping World and I had no brakes!!! I realize this about 1 Mile from home, traveling mostly highway, I had one of the star that adjust the wheel not even hooked up. The rest of the brakes I had to adjust quite a bit before I had brakes. Scary!! I would encourage anyone who buys an RV to make sure the brakes work. Along with this a door would not close, the strike plate was too high. They did not give much information in case some of the power things do not work. I had to call the manufacturer for that information.

Michelle Wade
5 years ago
Reply to  Vic Mazzaro

Typical Camping world poor service. – Quick to sell Poor to educate or service