Tools for RVers: Two handy screwdrivers


Spotlight on Tools
Here’s a useful tool you might want to carry with you in your RV.

By Chris Dougherty
Certified RV technician

Husky square driver

A standard throughout the RV industry, Robertson or square head screws hold almost everything in an RV together, from cabinetry to outside trim. Robertson screws are used because the screws hold exceptionally well to the screwdriver or bit that they’re being installed with.

Robertson bit

A Robertson or square tip screwdriver is a must for any RV tool kit. Sized in #00 to #4, and Scrulox 8,  #2 is most often seen in RVs, and the Scrulox 8, recognized by its 8 sided driver recess, is seen commonly in utility trailers. The Scrulox 8 has a hi-torque bit of its own but will work with the standard #2 bit, however.

I have both a manual multi-tip screwdriver with square tip in my toolbox as well as a good screw gun with multiple tips that I carry with me on a trip. I almost always use the gun or drill over the manual driver. Some RV screws can be upwards of 3-4 inches long; however, those types of structural screws are seldom removed by an RVer on a trip.


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