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Trailer magically appears on remote Ohio River sandbar

Nobody knows how this travel trailer ended up on a sandbar Thursday in the middle of the Ohio River in Evansville, Indiana, although there was a lot of theories offered on a Facebook page where it was posted.

The sandbar had only been there a few days, the byproduct of annual river dredging conducted by the Louisville District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The RV was not there when a crew finished on the river Wednesday evening around 5 p.m. But when they returned Thursday, there it was. The Coast Guard is investigating. But for now, there are only theories. Here are comments that appeared on Facebook.

• What if I told you this has always been there and if the water keeps receding that some kind of redneck trailer park Atlantis would be discovered.

• Are you tired of your neighbors? Now you can have your own island. Act now, this won’t be on the market very long!

• Definitely a body in there.

• I am now looking for a vendor to transport my motorhome out there before all the camping spaces get taken!

• Hope they aren’t in it when that sand bar goes away. They’ll be singing “I feel the earth move under my wheels.”

• When the housing prices have gotten too high….

• Evansville has to have the world’s smartest rednecks, sand bar has been there only a few days and already they have conquered the mighty Ohio.

• Secluded beach in the middle of the Ohio River. I’ve got it booked for a week long vacation in August.

• The GPS said go this way.

• I knew I should’ve tied her off last night.

• Looks like it’s in a flood zone, probably gonna be hard to insure.

• Does that site have a full hookup?

• So to the owner, what’s your weekend rental rate? Asking for a friend…

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10 months ago

Geez Honey, Look! I finally booked us a water front campsite.

Jeannie Pressley
10 months ago

Well, I believe a helicopter put the RV on the sand bar

10 months ago

Is the awning out on that thing??

10 months ago
Reply to  Connie

I think it is out.

10 months ago

Redneck friend: “Look, a new campsite, to bad there’s no bridge to get to it.”
True Redneck: “Hold my beer!”

10 months ago

Be glad it’s not in Georges Twp in Fayette County PA bc there’s an ordinance stating u can’t live in a camper.
I recently crossed paths w a lady who has been living in her car for 2 years! I told her she could live in an old camper i don’t use (similar to the one pictured). It gave her a bed to sleep on & a table to eat at. Somewhere she could actually call home.
Then i get a visit from the local code enforcement officer telling me it’s illegal to live in an RV. Who knew? Now they want to fine me $500 for every day that she’s there!!
They preach help the poor but as soon as u do they want to punish ya!!!

RV Staff
10 months ago
Reply to  WWJD

Thank you for your generosity and compassion, WWJD. That’s terrible that you get in trouble and even get fined for trying to help out another human being. I hope something can get worked out for you and the lady. Good luck. Take care. 🙂 –Diane

Roger B
10 months ago
Reply to  WWJD

Mostly because they can’t claim credit for housing the homeless. PA is darker blue than I thought.

10 months ago
Reply to  Roger B

Really? The state that has a gubernatorial candidate promising to control elections with his pen?? That PA? Looks pretty dark red to the rest of the country.

Last edited 10 months ago by Pat
10 months ago

Now I know what them lights were last night in the sky

10 months ago

Gilligan left the island and got a new house

10 months ago

Perfect spot for my mother in-law

RV Staff
10 months ago
Reply to  Keith

Or maybe you, Keith, once your wife reads your comment. An extreme version of the proverbial doghouse. 😆 Have a good evening/night. 😀 -Diane

10 months ago

It’s the ********, they’re claiming the new Island. Next will be weaponry! [Sorry, Jamie. Bleeped it so folks won’t go off on a rant. Take care. –Diane]

10 months ago

I have seen this done using a pontoon boat to transport the rv!

10 months ago

Nice model camper complete with awning. Unless those ripples in the water are a surfer’s dream!

10 months ago

Only on the Ohio River, the only river in the US of A that starts and ends in Hill Billy country!

Tamar K. Tahmoreszadeh
10 months ago

Aliens are camping.

10 months ago

So exactly how big is this camper? Is it matchbox car sized or large enough to fit a family (2 adults and 2 children). There isnt anything to gauge size off of. Could say same for the river. Is it a stream 2 feet wide or 2 miles?

Chuck Woodbury
10 months ago
Reply to  Mike

Good point, about scale. But it is, indeed, a full-sized RV.

10 months ago

I thought flying cars wont be around until 2028. Maybe they figured flying RVs should come out first. 🤔🙂😊

Michael French
10 months ago


Cynthia Dickey
10 months ago

What it feels like to have your Blackwater back up!😳

Leonard Barnett
10 months ago

The camper should have a serial number on it somewhere and if so should lead to the owner.

10 months ago

Air bnb just posted on website

10 months ago
Reply to  Bruce


Virginia Keiser
10 months ago

It will be on VRBO tomorrow!

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