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Trailer overturns on California highway due to high winds


(February 28, 2019) — The California Highway Patrol issued the photo below of an overturned travel trailer on U.S. 395 in eastern California.

High winds along U.S. Highway 395 caused the trailer to overturn at approximately 2:10 p.m. today near Independence. A high profile vehicle prohibition was in effect along U.S.-395 from Pearsonville, California, north to the California/Nevada state line. Winds in excess of 60 mph had been recorded along the highway.

If you plan to drive the route this week, check for wind warnings before heading off. Whenever high winds occur, pull off and wait until they subside. If not, what you see here could happen — a great way to spoil a trip.

And let this be another reminder of why it’s never a good idea to allow passengers to ride in a towable RV when it’s in transit.


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Tony St
3 years ago

I bought a new trailer my weight bars didn’t work for it was lower then my old one! On my return trip second time out a gust hit me on passenger side threw me into the other lane ; Thank god no one coming at me ! I only went a foot into it but enough that it made me order new bar’s! I travel a lot of mile in Montana and my recall three fourth (3/4) of my travel is in wind , 40 mph . Once a cross wind starts to bounce you around it’s time to pull off and play it safe PLEASE don’t feel you can tough it out it not worth it I will never travel without have weight distribution bars again the best help in leveling everything.

3 years ago

Looking at the pic, I see it is pretty long coach on a 1/2 ton pickup. I don’t see any weight distribution bars hanging or attached or a friction type sway control. Not that a 1/2 ton rig can’t tow a substantial coach, but it would need to be properly set up to tow safely. Many people think adding air bags/helper springs is all that is necessary. Add this(assuming I’m right about not having weight distribution) to the fact that he violated the high winds warning……recipe for disaster. The whole “I’m gonna tow without experience” reminds me of when the 90 horsepower bullet bikes came out in the 1980’s and all the kids had to have them. No experience, no helmet, short pants, girl on the back……..recipe for disaster!

Prospector 1950
3 years ago

There are Fools and then there are Fools with their heads stuck up their your “you know what”. Obviously this driver was one of the latter. If this driver had been a Commercial Vehicle Driver (i.e. a Semi-Truck driver) he would now be in the unemployment line eating soup for at least the next 3 to 5 years as most trucking company’s won’t even talk to you if you violated DOT Weather travel warnings, and his CDL license would be suspended for at least a minimum of 2 to 3 years if not revoked by DOT totally. Especially in California. California DOT is Hell on wheels with Satan The Devil himself driving those DOT vehicles when it comes to Commercial Vehicle drivers violating even any small traffic rule let alone doing something like this driver did.

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