Travel trailer triples in size in 20 seconds!


The BeauEr 3X Concept camper van was born in 2009 with a simple idea of its inventor: a small but expandable caravan, easy to tow, that has all the comforts of a large trailer. This concept, patented internationally, is based on the telescopic principle. Three modules are deployed horizontally, tripling the living area. At the push of a button, one person can unfold all pieces in less than 20 seconds! Video posted on Facebook by VT.

Telescopic Camper Van

Road trips will never be the same again

Posted by VT on Monday, February 13, 2017

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Randy Shrimplin

I see two flaws with this design aside from the obvious will it work every time question. One Major and one minor.
Minor: Lack of storage
Major: It won’t fit in most RV sites as it is short but very wide. So short that if it could be swiveled 90 degrees it might work.

Tommy Molnar

This looks like something waiting to go bad. I don’t think it’s quite the same as a ‘slide-out’, but that’s just my opinion.


Pretty Neat Idea if you like Tear Drop trailers. A problem might happen if you get into a TIGHT RV Sight and not be able to open fully. It looks pretty wide. Interesting Idea though.