Travel photos should include location information

Where was this photo taken?

Superman! What an iconic piece of Americana, but what if you don’t remember where you were when you took this photo? If you take a photo with your smartphone, it can include the location where the photo was taken – IF you have your settings set correctly.

If you use Google Photos, you can just swipe up on the photo and you’ll see a map of where that photo was taken.

If you don’t see a map, that means that your camera is not set to record the GPS coordinates when you take a picture. You need to turn the settings on:

  • Apple: System Settings, Privacy, Locations Services, Camera:While Using
  • Android: open the camera, find settings, Location tags = On

From now on, your photos will be “geotagged” – showing you a map of exactly where the photo was taken.


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6 months ago

Tried it and it works. Saves me time from going back at the end of the day to enter the info.
Extra bonus is that it goes back in history and tags all those photos on your phone prior to during on the location tag.

6 months ago
Reply to  Calman

Belay my last about program being able to tag location of prior photos. Doesn’t work. What I thought was GPS coords was just basic info on photo such as time and date.
That’s what I get for not having my glasses on and jumping the gun.


Bill T
6 months ago

Hi Chris. Thanks for the great tips. I use this all the time for our trip photos. Question, is there a way I can link the pictures I take with a travel map I created with Google My Maps?

Peggy P
6 months ago

Thanks for this great tip!!