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Truck stop fueling tips

By Russ and Tiña De Maris


If your RV runs on diesel, you may wonder about filling up at the truck islands. Some RVers feel a bit intimidated by the big rigs and professional drivers. Don’t be afraid, but do be courteous and things should go well for you.

First, remember for the truck driver, time is money. When you roll into the fuel island, be prepared to “get ‘er done” as quickly as possible. If you have a helper, send him or her inside with the credit card to pay. If you don’t, go in yourself and leave your card at the fuel desk. You’ll find many pumps don’t take credit cards, or if they do they’re usually limited to fleet cards.

If you have tank ports on both sides of your rig, don’t be afraid to use the satellite pump and the main pump at the same time. If your fuel port is on the side opposite the main pump, you’ll need to take the filler nozzle out of the cradle, set it on the ground, and flip the lever up to operate the satellite pump. Be careful when filling, the pumps on the big rig side pump MUCH FASTER than the consumer-style.

Clean your windshield? Sure, just do it while you’re fueling. Once the tank is full, stop window washing, pull WELL ahead of the pump island so the next guy in line can get in and start pumping. THEN finish paying, and complete your windshield ministrations.

If you need to make a purchase, or hit the rest room, move your rig to the parking area FIRST.

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