Video: Take a test ride in Tesla’s new Cybertruck


Whatever truck you currently own, what you will see in this five-minute video is like no truck you have ever seen before. The high-end model of this futuristic all-electric vehicle from Tesla can hit 60 mph in 2.9 seconds! Try that in your F-150!

Surprisingly, the entry level Cybertruck shown here sells for a mere $39,000! The high-end model, a few years away, will sell for $69,000 and will have a 14,000-pound towing capacity.

Want to take it camping? The bed in the back will accommodate a 6 1/2 foot mattress. That’s impressive!


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Steve steve

When they design something that looks more like a pickup truck sign me up, that looks more like a SUV

Billy Bob Thorton

Elon.. Musk never missed a government subsidy he didn’t take. TESLA, never made a dime, and as a matter of fact, loses millions year after year. P.T. Barnum would be proud. His cars are mechanical nightmares, with extreme reliability problems.

Yet, this clown is hailed as a genius by many. What all the tree huggers fail to accept, is that the vast majority, over 75% of generated electric, is from fossil fuels. You charge your car from electric generated from fossil fuel. The United States of America is now the largest producer, refiner of fossil fuels in the world. We, through technology in the petroleum and gas industries have been able to unlock another 100 years of natural gas. Hey Elon, if you can go it alone,without taxpayer subsidy, have at it. But stop with the ” look at me” baloney when all your money is from the US taxpayer.

Donald N Wright

Very nice. I pull a trailer, so I will wait for the road test in Trailer Life Magazine. It does remind me of the Dymaxion automobile except square edges instead of rounded edges.

rick louderbough

In their pull test w a f150 tesla cheated big time by using a 2wd ford w skinny tires. Cleverly not showing the front tires not pulling like the rears. Shame on tesla

Sink Jaxon

I really like the concept, but it’s just that…a concept. I am noticing the charging stations more and more in remote locations. I’ll stick with my diesel in the mean time, but I will remain open minded about this. I wish the best for Elon Musk and his designs!


LOL – so many armchair critics! This thing is cool – and just about anyone under 30 thinks so. This is the future boys!


what the previous posters said. plus it’s butt ugly

Steph Herale

For city dwellers and people that want a “truck” that really is not a truck. Get that thing out on jobsites and use it like a truck for a real test or pull trailers with it.
I’m not impressed and will keep my F350 6.7 and go full up at the pump when I need a “recharge”.

John groom

So Texas leads the us in truck sales. Anyone ask these owners what they need? Bet not. No taking this thing camping unless yr going to Walmart. There may be a nitch market for this, but doubt any current truck owners will be signing on. I’m keeping my real truck – forever.


Still doesn’t come close to the Dodge RAM 3500!

Out in the middle of BOON DOCKS America and No place to plug it in?? We don’t have the infrastructure of Electric vehicles in this country yet. If Elon Musk wants to make headway and really promote his products, then start working on the Infrastructure Problem for charging these cars up.

Test this truck with a travel trailer on it and I’ll bet you only get about maybe 150 miles before your battery needs charging. Not the 250 he claims!

I’ll stick with my RAM and burn those FOSSIL Fuels that are still readily available!

Tom Smithbrother

No hitch on the back for a trailer. Wheels stick out way beyond the finders. Water Mud slinging Illegal in many states. Total distance before recharge? and Time length of recharge? Missing those two facts.