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Truck owners: If you had to replace your truck today what make and model would you buy?

With Gail Marsh
According to Cox Automotive (the parent company of Kelley Blue Book), 2020 marked the first year that trucks outsold cars. In our small town (just outside St. Louis, MO), a local independent business specializing in truck sales has used this slogan for years: “Trucks: They’re not just for cowboys anymore.” Evidently, he’s right! Today’s trucks really are for everybody!

How about you, truck owners: If you had to replace your truck today what would you buy? Would you purchase a new truck or preowned? The same model you currently have or something different? Would you buy a bigger truck? Smaller? How much does your RV play into your decision (tow capacity, etc.)? Give reasons for your answers, please!

We’d like to use your responses in an upcoming story, so please use the form below to answer these questions. Tell us why or why not you’d replace your truck, and what you’d replace it with. Thank you!



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1 year ago

We have always owned trucks as we had a construction business and we usually had one ton or 3/4 ton trucks. We used one of these work trucks to tow our 5th wheel. But we downsized to a small 20 foot trailer so we bought a really nice fully loaded 2016 Ram1500 5.7 Hemi instead of using a dirty work truck. We are retired now and recently bought a bigger trailer and even though it’s fully loaded 7,000lb weight was well within the 10,000 pounds the Ram1500 is rated to tow, I felt too much like the tail wagged the dog. Also, going up any hill would drop our gas mileage down to 3-4 mpg and we do most of our camping in the mountainous west. That particular truck was the first half-ton we have ever owned and it wasn’t what we were used to. So, yesterday we traded it in for a 2017 Ram 2500 with the 6.4L engine. We head out in a week or so on a 500 mile trip, so we will see how it goes. We were considering buying a brand new truck until we saw the prices! Wow! Trucks are so expensive!

Sink Jaxon
1 year ago

Funny you should ask! I just replaced my 2010 RAM 3500 LB SRW with a 2019 F250 6.7L Powerstroke SB and so far, so good! I’ve owned Dodge RAMs since 1996 and thought I try a Ford this time. Pulled our 8000 lb. TT on a 1700 mile trip through KS, OK, TX, AR and MO and had power to spare. It’s rated to tow 17,000 lbs, so it’s at about half its limit. Better mpg than the RAM used to get. Comfortable seats and ergonomics and the on board computer is very useful. It’s the XLT package, not the Lariat, but that’s enough for my purposes. The last three trucks I’ve purchased have all been low mileage used, and I’ve saved a ton of money that way. A truck is but a tool, and how it’s used by their owners is so tremendously diverse, that everyone has their own unique opinion of what kind and why. I like to hear them all.

1 year ago

I have always had a Chevy, my previous 2 that I bought used lasted 20 plus years each with 1 having over 350,000 miles and the other just under 300,000, both with original motor and transmission that were never rebuilt. My current 2007 model has 197,000 miles with minor issues. The secret to longevity is maintenance, never let the oil change go over 4,000 miles even with synthetic oil, change the the transmission oil with synthetic oil before what the manufacture recommends and keep up on simple repairs before they get big.

Warren G
1 year ago

Another Tundra. Started towing with an F150 EcoBoost, and the rear end had to be replaced at 46,000 miles (fortunately under warranty by a few months). The dealer shop said due to towing (about a third of the miles), although I was at max about 80% of the tow capacity. Much happier with the Tundra.

Diane Tricomi
1 year ago

Toyota TUNDRA !!

1 year ago

Any Chevy or Ford 1/2 ton 4×4 that’s flat towable. Would also consider any other brand that meets those criteria.

1 year ago

Another F-150 3.5L, but with a trim level that has LED headlights. I can’t see as well any more.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

I had a 97 F-350 Powerstroke crew cab for almost 20 years. Loved it, but my wife talked me into ‘upgrading’ to a new ride. So we got a two year old 2016 F-350 crew cab Powerstroke with 8k miles. I slowly grew to love this truck, but honestly, I miss the ease of maintenance of the old gal with NO DEF, NO DPF, and NO regen. Way fewer computers controlling EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING! Fewer things to go wrong, like an intermittent backup camera, or a right turn signal that gets a ‘dash flash’ telling me my trailer right turn signal isn’t working – and I’m not towing a trailer. Grrr.

Get me back to rollup windows and push button radios . . .

1 year ago

2021 Ram PowerWagon

Einar Hansen
1 year ago

My third Toyota Tundra. But with a full size crew cab. I got 16 years out of the first and doing very well with the second one thank you. 😉

1 year ago

Every truck I have bought or leased ended up being the cheapest, or best deal, available. This always ended up being a Dodge or Ram.

Had a few ‘not so great ones’ over the decades, but even they were OK for my needs.

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