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Two national rallies draw 2,500 RVers

The WIT rally in Forest City, Iowa

Two July rallies attracted a combined 2,500 RVers. The WIT (Winnebago International Travelers) event drew 900 coaches and about 2,000 RV owners to the gathering July 23-28 in Forest City, Iowa. Watch a very cool video about the rally with a special (and very catchy) Winnebago song.

The WIT club (and admissions to rallies) is open to all Winnebago brand RV owners. If you want to learn more about the club, download a PDF of the club’s most recent newsletter. See a video recap of the rally below.

* * *

Meanwhile, FMCA notched its highest attendance mark since 2013 for the organization’s summer show, as 1,559 rigs converged on the CAM-PLEX Multi-Event Facilities in Gillette, Wyo., for the July 18-21, 98th International Convention & Expo. “We’re very pleased with that number, and even more importantly, it seemed everybody had a great time,” said FMCA executive director Chris Smith.


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4 years ago

2500 for two gatherings sounds impressive but the Rubber Tramp Rendevous drew in 4000 in a two week event in Quartzsite last year. All indications is that it will just continue to grow.

From tent dwellers to the big motor homes this event has already surpassed all the other rallies.

It’s something to see that’s for sure!

John Koenig
4 years ago

I attended the FMCA event in Gillette, WY. As usual, the seminars I attended were excellent. FMCA did an admirable job in organizing a complex event. That said, FMCA & Gillette failed MISERABLY at providing USABLE WiFi and even cellular service. I have a Samsung Note 8 with T-Mobile and, an iPhone8+ AND jetpack with Verizon. I guess “the” cell tower serving Cam-plex was slammed and, generally incapable of serving the demand. Making simple phone calls were at times NOT possible. Cam-plex has been around for MANY years and REGULARLY hosts large groups. I can’t understand how Cam-plex can be SO woefully unprepared for what, in 2018, should be simple basic services.

Before I ever bother to return to Gillette, I’ll need to hear that they’ve made SIGNIFICANT progress in joining the 21st century.

NOTE: I have the latest WiFiRanger system and, was getting an EXCELLENT WiFi signal. Sadly, there was little to no throughput so, the fact that I had an excellent signal was irrelevant.

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