Monday, October 3, 2022


Double your pleasure, double your fun with two trucks as one

Eric Wright can’t drive far before people point, shout, make jokes and take pictures. Wright hasn’t done anything wrong. It’s just that most observers can’t figure out what’s going on when they view him in his truck on city streets, the highway and parking lots.

Is Wright driving on the wrong side of the road? Is he going against traffic? Is he driving backward? Just exactly what is he doing in his Chevy Silverado? Specifically, what is he doing in two 1970s Chevy Silverado trucks, the cabs of which are advancing in opposite directions?

Two 1970s Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks made into one.
Two 1970s Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks made into one.

Wright, who was seeking a truck to promote his business, couldn’t find exactly what he wanted on eBay. But what he discovered was a truck made from nearly identical opposite-facing cabs. It was used as a marketing attraction but never driven. But now it is, and it’s perfectly legal.

The truck was originally from Arizona. It had been built by a Chevy dealership and a GMC dealership and they used to park it in front of one or the other location to attract attention to the respective businesses.

While the truck cabs have the same steering wheels, seats and liners, and look symmetrical, the morphed truck can only be driven from one side. The engine is under the driver’s side of the truck; the trunk is located under the hood of the passenger’s side (back).

The truck has LED turn signals in front and large brake lights from a school bus in back.

The two-faced truck has a vanity plate that reads “What The.” It’s a shortened version of the well-known phrase” “What The F***?” It’s what a DMV representative said when Wright first registered the vehicle.

“All I can say is I just have more fun driving this than anything I’ve ever driven,” said Wright, who lives in Tyngsborough, Mass. “I drive this and I get my picture taken every two minutes. It’s pretty cool.”



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Michael Logan
2 years ago

I saw the same type of Ford truck back in 1988 in Fort worth, TX, while training for USDA Meat Inspection. I do not know it the truck was drivable.

2 years ago

How do you locate the full level on power gear leveler reservoir? Q full to top of fill neck??