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RVers will benefit from these unusual uses for koozies around their RV

You probably have at least one “stubby holder” in your RV, and perhaps a koozie or “coldy-holdy,” too. Today, we’ll mostly call them koozies. What are they? The neoprene or foam sleeves are designed to insulate a canned or bottled beverage. No matter what you call them, these handy insulators are quite useful when RVing—and not just for keeping your “cold ones” cold! Check out these unusual but helpful uses for koozies while RVing.

A pack of can koozies

Avoid breakage

You can place a koozie over wine glasses. The foam will protect the glass from breaking while you move from one campground to the next. (Use the same idea to keep regular light bulbs or other fragile items from breaking, too.)

No rust stains

My husband’s can of shaving cream used to make rust rings on our RV’s bathroom sink. Now he puts a koozie over the bottom of the can and we have no more rings of rust.

Ripen avocados

Did you know that a koozie will help your avocados ripen faster? Just put the fruit inside one overnight and you’ll be able to make guacamole the next day.

Keep caddy clean

We always keep a koozie inside our truck’s cup holders. It keeps the drink caddy clean and dry. It also keeps the soda cold on travel days, of course.

Hot pads

My husband uses two can insulators as hot pads while grilling. He folds each insulator in half for extra protection. The thick foam works well to protect his hands when adjusting the grill grates. He also slips a can insulator over the handle of our cast iron fry pan when making breakfast.

Perfect fruit

When hiking, we pack fruit inside the side pouches in our hydration pack. We recently discovered that these will protect apples or peaches from bruising.

Trailer hitch ball cover

I’ve seen koozies placed over an RV hitch ball. Not only will it provide a bit of protection for your shin, but it will also keep grease off your jeans, too!

Hot bulb remover

When our side table lamp lightbulb suddenly burned out, I placed one of these over the hot bulb. That way, I could replace it immediately without burning my fingers on the hot bulb.

Lens keeper

A fellow RVer and photographer stores his camera lenses inside drink koozies to protect them from scratches. What a great idea!

Floor protector

When we have visitors to our RV, we bring out the extra dining chairs. To protect the RV’s vinyl flooring, we put these over the foot of each chair.

Earring holder

My motorcycle helmet fits snugly on my head (as it should). The trouble is that wearing earrings becomes problematic. So, I remove my earrings and fasten them on a drink koozie until our ride ends. (You can also store sewing needles this way.)

Level protector

My husband cut the bottom out of a bottle jacket. He uses the resulting “sleeves” to cushion his four- and six-foot levels when traveling to a job site.

Gift wrap storage

I store long rolls of gift wrap under our RV’s bed. To keep the wrapping paper from unrolling, I cut the bottom out of a koozie and slip the gift wrap through the resulting “tube.” It works very well!

Coin storage

My husband tosses his spare change into one of these. Once the jacket is filled, we let the grandchildren count it. If they count it correctly, they can keep it. (Wink, wink.)

Protect cell phone

When we visit the beach, I slip my cell phone into a koozie and then into a plastic zipper bag. The insulated bottle jacket protects the phone from the heat while the plastic keeps sand and water safely away.

Koozies for RVers

Check out these koozies that all RVers and campers will love.

This 12-pack of camping-themed koozies.

This 4-pack of tall, skinny koozies is adorable! We especially love the two vintage camper designs.

And check out these koozie “jackets”! There are tons of different kinds including winter jackets, life vests, even space suits! We love these!

How many koozies do you have in your RV right now? I just counted. We have eight! Do you ever use them in an unusual way—a way other than keeping beer or soda cold? Please tell us in the comments below.


Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh is an avid RVer and occasional work camper. Retired from 30+ years in the field of education as an author and educator, she now enjoys sharing tips and tricks that make RVing easier and more enjoyable.


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1 month ago

I picked up a dozen skinny neoprene coozies at Goodwill on a whim… they’re great for my pantry drawer for all my bottled sauces!

Marie Beschen
1 month ago

Some wonderful ideas, thanks!!

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

The hitch cover is the BEST!

Bill Byerly
1 month ago

More great ideas, thanks !
Also protect fishing rod tips and butt ends while traveling. Small reels too.

1 month ago

Good tips in this article. I plan to use a few of them. I always have a few koozies in the trailer that I rarely use. And those tall ones on Amazon are adorable!

1 month ago

for the wrapping paper one, just cut the long edge of a paper towel or toilet paper tube and wrap it around the roll. Works GREAT and it’s both free and easily replaced if needed.

L. Frechette
1 month ago

We use them to protect the stemless wine glasses and rocks glasses we carry. They fit right in the koozies.

1 month ago
Reply to  L. Frechette

A wine glass without a stem is a glass. 🙂

1 month ago
Reply to  Snayte

And a curmudgeon is a curmudgeon..

1 month ago
Reply to  L. Frechette


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