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You’ll be surprised by these 19 unusual uses for wax paper

It was in use long before the plastic, zipper-type sandwich bags made their appearance. It had its own designated place of honor, inside the kitchen drawer, proudly positioned right next to the box of “tin foil.” I’m talking about wax paper, of course. I first remember using wax paper during recess at school. My friends and I would dutifully rub wax paper over the entire surface of our playground slide to make it “slicker.” Boy, did it work great! We practically flew down that waxed slide.

You might be surprised at some other ways this special kitchen staple can be used. Here are several ideas:

In the kitchen

Keep your refrigerator clean. Place wax paper on top of your refrigerator. It will collect the greasy, dusty gunk that usually collects up there. You can easily remove and replace the wax paper with very little effort or time. Line fridge drawers with wax paper, too. When food particles accumulate, simply change out the dirty wax paper with a new piece.

Prevent food splatter. Put a piece of wax paper on top of foods you nuke in the microwave to catch potential splatter.

Keep stainless faucets sparkling. Polish sink faucets by rubbing wax paper over them.

Line kitchen drawers. Place wax paper in the bottom of the utensil drawers to catch dust and crumbs. The paper can be replaced easily and as often as necessary. Plus, the wax paper costs very little.

Reopen wine easily. Put a bit of wax paper over the cork before resealing that wine bottle. The wax paper will make the cork easier to remove the next time. It will also keep bits of cork from dropping into the wine.

Protect wooden utensils. Rub a crumpled ball of wax paper over your wooden spoons and cutting boards to protect them.

Keep counters clean. Before rolling out dough for bread or pie crusts, first place a sheet of wax paper on your counter. It will make cleanup a breeze.

Keep the can opener operating smoothly. Run wax paper through the gears and blade to remove residue and bits of labeling, too. The wax will help the opener operate better.

Prevent ice cream “frost.” A piece of wax paper will prevent ice crystals from forming on ice cream that remains in the container. Just press a piece of wax paper over the ice cream before closing the container.

In the closet

Smooth zipper function. Rub wax paper over the teeth of a zipper. It will make the zipper action smoother.

Revive your iron. Buff the bottom of the iron with wax paper and the iron will easily glide over fabric.

Line drawers. Put sheets of wax paper in the bottom of dresser drawers and storage boxes to catch dust and fabric fuzz. The paper is less expensive than manufactured drawer liners and can easily be switched out when necessary.

Unstick doors. With the RV’s varying heat and humidity levels, closet doors sometimes stick. Locate the place where the door “rubs” the casement. Then buff that area with wax paper. It should help the door open and close more easily.

Wax drawer glides. Dresser drawers can sometimes stick. Rub wax paper over the glides and drawers will operate smoothly again.

Outside the RV

Keep tools rust-free. Periodically clean tools and then rub wax paper over them to protect the tools from rust.

Shovel snow easily. Wet snow tends to “stick” to the surface of a shovel. Prevent this from happening by first “waxing” the shovel with wax paper before you begin to shovel.

Start a campfire. Use wax paper if you can’t find kindling. It will get a fire going just as easily.

Prevent leftover paint from drying out. Place a piece of wax paper over the paint before you reseal the can. The wax paper will prevent the layer of paint “skin” from forming.

Make a funnel. In a pinch, a funnel made from wax paper will work for transferring liquids or lightweight solids like finish nails or small nuts and bolts.

Do you use wax paper in an unusual way? Share your ideas over in my forum.

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14 days ago

In the rv, when I cut up chicken, I place a double fold of wax paper on my cutting board to keep the yuk to a minimum – then throw away. It helps before washing board by hand when I don’t have a dishwasher to sanitize the cutting surface. Just be gentle when using the knife!

17 days ago

Great tips, thanks for sharing

17 days ago

How bout folding a square of wax paper over a comb! Kazoo.

16 days ago
Reply to  Williebill

Yes! Another fun idea from my youth! Gotta’ love a kazoo!

17 days ago

Waxed paper is a staple in my RV pantry and backpack. It’s an excellent fire starter especially when the weather is damp and paper is hard to start. The wax keeps the flame going longer to get the kindling to start.

Happy Camper7424
17 days ago

Great idea about the snow shovel. I will try it next time it snows.

Frank Niehus
17 days ago

I use it to lubricate the trailer hitch ball, just take a couple of layers and wrap it over the ball. Then attach the trailer and leave it on. A lot better than that grease that people put on get all over your pants legs.

16 days ago
Reply to  Frank Niehus

Thanks for sharing, Frank! I’ll give it a try.

17 days ago

Rub wax paper on the sides of your oven racks. You’ll notice they glide in and out much easier.

16 days ago
Reply to  Jim

Great idea, Jim! Thanks!

17 days ago

I use it in the shop when gluing up panels with bar clamps. I put strips of wax paper over the bar clamps to keep glue from sticking to them as it is squeezed out of the panels.

16 days ago
Reply to  Eldon

My hubby does this, too! He’s surprised I forgot it in the article. Thanks for the good reminder!

Betty Danet
17 days ago

Great article. Thank you. 😊

Caren L
17 days ago

My Mom used to wrap our lunch sandwiches in it, plus everything else mentioned in the article. So much easier to use than plastic wrap. I have a roll in my cupboard and don’t use it enough but I will now, thanks for the reminder!

Bob p
17 days ago

Many great ideas, as I was reading the first paragraph I was thinking back to my childhood when my mother would tear off several butt sized sheets of wax paper when we would go to the playground to sit on the first few times we would go down the slide, worked every time.

17 days ago
Reply to  Bob p

I wonder if kids today know this trick for making the slide a really fast ride?! It worked so well, didn’t it? Sometimes I miss those good ol’ days. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your day!

Bob p
17 days ago
Reply to  Gail

When I think about years gone by and compare to today I feel sorry for the youth of today because of all the great things we did as kids using our imagination instead of a computer geeks electronic game creation of nothing but violence. I believe all the violent games result in some of the mass shootings, they play the games killing people, then everybody gets up and they get killed again. Some kids believe killing doesn’t last, it’s a game. Sure I played cowboys and Indians but we knew our cap guns didn’t shoot bullets.

Gigi R
18 days ago

Use it to wrap individual portions of food before placing in freezer bags, it keeps the food from sticking together. For instance I make a bunch of pancakes, wrap 2 in wax paper and put them all in a freezer bag, when I want pancakes for breakfast I just pull out one portion and warm my 2 pancakes in the microwave, The rest of the batch stays in the freezer. I do this with everything I freeze. I think it cuts down on freezer burn for meats, and gives me the portion size I need for one serving.

17 days ago
Reply to  Gigi R

Great idea! Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!