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Here’s a peek at future episodes of the popular podcast hosted by Scott Linden.

“It’s radio on the Internet.”
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Episode 14. Coming July 2

“Gringo pricing,” other hassles and wonders of RV living part-time in Mexico. Are bribes and corruption a part of the Mexico RV experience? Two gringos who live there will share the realities of RV living south of the border, on this week’s RVTravel podcast. SECOND UP. From blah to bada-bing … renovating your RV to make it more like “home.” Internet sensations the Dashboard Drifters show us how on this week’s RVTravel podcast. PLUS: The dumb things we do to make our black water tank even messier – if it’s possible! A master RV tech tells us the Number One thing to do to avoid problems with Number Two,. AND FINALLY . . . a service that will notify you when RV parks have vacancies.

Episode 15. Coming July 9 

Mark and Julie Bennett

This week on the podcast, Mark and Julie Bennett, YouTube’s ”RVLove” personalities, help us learn from their hard-won experience, sharing the things they wish they’d known before they started RV’ing, plus they offer line-saving tips for newbies and veteran RVer’s alike. Plus: Jim and Chris Guld of Geeks on Tour join host Scott Linden and brief us on must-have mobile apps that will make planning, driving, camping, boondocking and RV’ing in general better.

Episode 16. Coming July 16

Bob Wells

The breakout star of Nomadland opens up about making the Academy-Award-winning film on the July 16 RVTravel podcast. Could you live the “van life” on $500 a month? Nomadland actor Bob Wells shows you how on this week’s RVTravel podcast. “Freedom” versus comfort … choose one, he says. You may be surprised at how he defines each. Helping others, helping himself, and helping the film Nomadland win three Academy Awards … just three of the challenges Bob Wells has met.

The current podcast is always available at

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