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Update on getting ready for full-timing


By Chuck Woodbury

A quick note as we go to press with issue 753 of the RV Travel Newsletter.

I thought I had my condo sold — three cash offers on the first day it was on the market (real estate is hot here in the Seattle area). But at the last minute the deal fell through. No problem. That was two days ago. Yesterday, after a couple of phone calls, my real estate agent had another cash offer, same price. We accepted. It looks like this one will go all the way. So the condo move-out date is now August 31.

The condo is pretty well cleaned out now. Gail and I will gradually get rid of what remains over the next month, most of it either coming with us in the new motorhome or to Goodwill. By the time we get ready to leave the condo there shouldn’t be much left. Once on the road we’ll likely head slowly down the Oregon coast.

The new (2011) 32-foot Winnebago Adventurer motorhome went in for some minor repairs last week, plus the installation of a Roadmaster hitch to tow our new Honda Fix. So, we’re now officially ready to hit the road once we finish up some obligations on the homefront. My feet they are a itchin’.

My 2008 Winnebago View is for sale, but I haven’t had time to list it yet. It still needs some cleaning. It was too crazy last week getting ready to move out of the condo by August 3. But that’s now extended by a month, so I’ll have time to attend to the View this coming week. 

My 25-year-old daughter, Emily, was here last week from Brooklyn. We had a great time. It had been two years since she visited. Home is never really home until your kids are around.

In the middle of all my moving and getting ready for full-time RVing, Gail and I are flying to Hershey, Pennsylvania, on September 11 to attend the giant Hershey RV Show. I attend most years, mostly to see my buddies, but also to see what’s new on the market. Gail went last year and enjoyed herself so much she insisted on coming along this year. We’ll stay in a hotel for five days instead of in the RV like we did last year: sometimes you need to sacrifice.

That’s it for now. Got to read through the new issue one more time to be sure I haven’t made too many mistakes or typos. Then I’ll click it live and hope for the best.


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6 years ago

I am just in the initial phase of thinking about full timing. Your comments and this newsletter really helps in evaluating my situation and looking at things that give me a better perspective of what to do and what not to do. I really appreciate all of your comments. Its not an easy decision to make. The RV manufactures dont make it any esasier.

Mike Sherman
6 years ago

Been full-timing for 3 months now, mostly around northern Calif. Hard to find a campground site, and when we do, the price is seldom under $50. Currently at Bodega Bay, $68 per night.

David Mason
6 years ago

The wife and I both worked in the legal profession, did well, and had a big house very full of stuff with more stuff in the garage…no space for the cars. In preparation for full-timing it took us two years to get fully retired, get the house empty and sold. During the last part of that we lived in our class A motorhome in our back yard. Then we traveled steadily for several years. That was just wonderful in all of the ways that we all know about. More recently we have bought a space in a new and very nice RV resort in the southeast. Now we sit for awhile and go out traveling for awhile. There is an interesting new point. We both are getting old and know that independent living or assisted living is next. We have looked at some fine places for that, BUT, no matter where we would choose for that the independent living/assisted living apartment or house would be provided to us empty except for the appliances. We would have to furnish it…to buy furniture. We could easily do that but we just do not want to do that. We very well remember the extensive effort that it was to empty out our big house. We just do not want to own that kind of stuff again! So we will stay in this good motorhome, traveling less, as absolutely long as we can going from it to hospice. That would be just fine.

The Masons

Ernie Kazmier
6 years ago

We have been in and out of full time rv’ing for the last few years and now after a year of being drydocked have decided to journey forth again. As we’ve done in the past we plan to rent the house furnished short term through VRBO. Had good luck in the past. BUT, I would like to sell the house and go. Wife is nervous about that. We don’t have any plans to terminate our travels but still it’s comforting to have a place to come back to. You guys that have sold make me wonder what your bail out plan is. If I sell now what will I be able to buy in 5 years if we get off the road. What are you plans?

Mr. & Mrs. Evan
6 years ago

Where will you be hanging out at the Hershey show on Friday? Would love to meet you and say Hey.

Bob Arnold
6 years ago

Chuck and Gail:

Like you, and Don and Nancy, my wife, Judy, and I are in the final stages of going full time. Our house in Lake Mary, FL is sold (pending inspection) and due to close on 9/9. We have been emptying attic, garage, and closets for several months. And although we always complained about not having a basement, I am sure glad we don’t.

We have secured an RV space from September through May of next year in a little resort just 4 miles from where we now live. We believe this will give us time to process this major transition in lifestyle before traveling to new destinations for adventure.

We will be in our 24′ TT for a month or so before taking delivery of our dream RV, a Redwood 38RL. We figure since we have been together 45 years, we can handle the couple of months in 168 sq. ft. until we get the big unit:-)

Really enjoy your newsletter. You have provided us with many useful ideas and things to think about. Thank you.

Maybe we will cross paths with you and Gail or, Don and Nancy, somewhere in this glorious country.

Here I will quote Don as I think he nailed it; “Good Luck to you both… Enjoy each other as we are not promised a tomorrow”.

Bob And Judy

Donald Schneider
6 years ago

Good Morning Chuck & Gail,
My wife and I are in the final stages of full time RVing like you are. We have sold the house in NY and will close Sept 26th. We have been living in our RV at the house for the last 3 summers so knew it was time to leave the house. Cleaned out the last of the clothes yesterday and dropped them off at the Salvation Army.

We suggest that you start full time living in your motorhome now so you can see if your still need something. Campground reservations are made for 2 months so no worry there. We started doing that in 2012 and that is our “comfort level”. We can always cancel or modify the reservation…too hard to find at the drop of a hat.
We may see you on the road….Just Chasing Rainbows is on the back window or our Challenger motorhome. Home is where we park it.
Good luck to you both…enjoy each other as we are not promised tomorrow.
Don & Nancy

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