Thursday, August 11, 2022



Use EternaBond to seal your roof seams? It’s not enough

by Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service

One of the short cuts folks like to use when resealing the seams on their roof is sealing them with EternaBond tape, rather than re-caulking them with Dicor. Unfortunately, like most short cuts, unless the edges of the EternaBond are sealed with Dicor self-leveling caulk or something similar, they often pull free, allowing water to enter the RV.

Above is what I typically see when EternaBond has been applied to seal a seam. If allowed to continue, the edge of the EternaBond will lift and allow water to penetrate under the EternaBond and into the seam.

To the left is the rear roof seam with the ladder shown where it fastens to the roof. The pending breakdown of the seal is readily apparent.

To the right is the rear seam and ladder resealed with Dicor self-leveling caulk.

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