Friday, December 2, 2022


Valley of the Rogue State Park and Exit 45B


When you’re traveling north or south on I-5 near Rogue River, Oregon, you might want to take exit 45B. When you turn to the right at the stop sign, you enter Valley of the Rogue State Park. Turn left and you enter a rest area. The sound of the Rogue River accompanies the beautiful treed surroundings. There are clean restrooms, a place to walk your pet, a soda machine, a candy machine and wi-fi for a fee. No overnight camping is permitted but it’s worth a spending a few hours enjoying nature just off the freeway.

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15 years ago

On the other hand, I prefer my truckers well-rested and undistracted by the “pressures” of excess coffee consumption. Therefore, I would never stay in a Rest Stop for more time than is necessary for me to get my business done. If I want to enjoy the scenery, I’ll go across to the State Park.
I’ve witnessed too many truckers having to drive on through a Rest Stop because there were no parking places available. That doesn’t bode well for traffic safety down the road…

15 years ago

Valley of the Rogue State Park is truly a beautiful park. If you can camp near the river there is no better sleeping than going to sleep with the sound of the river outside your window.

15 years ago

We just drove by there two days ago. It looks like a truly beautiful area!

15 years ago

We just drove by there two days ago. It looks like a truly beautiful area!

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