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Is something frustrating, annoying or upsetting you? Get it off your chest!

Okay, RVers. Listen up. We want to know what really grinds your gears. What really frustrates, annoys or upsets you.

Is it your neighbor who blows cigar smoke into your RV every night? Is it the loud children who bike through your campsite? How about that gosh-darn ugly barking dog over there? Is it that stupid-big outdoor TV screen on your neighbor’s RV? What about the camp manager, who just can’t seem to ever wake up on the right side of the bed? Is it a stupid rule? A silly requirement? An expensive regret?

Come on! Vent to us! You can be as downright frustrated, as downright annoyed, as downright upset as you please! We can take it! It must be RV-related, though, of course.

We’ll publish some of these, so please make sure it is appropriate for publishing and our audience. We don’t want to scare others away now, do we?

That being said, it is at our discretion which of these we publish. If we choose to not publish yours, we have reasons behind it and we have the right to those reasons. If you include politics or any racist or discriminatory remarks, you’re out. That’s said and done. We don’t tolerate that stuff here. No way, no how.

Now go vent in the form below… Argh!

Please note: If you vent in the comments and/or include things we mentioned above, you will be frowned upon. Use the form, please! 


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    • I live in an area where some pickup owners think it’s really cool to ‘roll coal’, that is, have exhaust that blows black smoke when you step on it. Yeah, seriously.

  1. People with 1 barking dog, now some have 2 barking dogs, some probably travel around with 3 barking dogs. They tell you dogs bark, “that’s what they do”, and “cow’s moo”, and “cat’s meow”! One told me that; “if you would stay inside your RV, my dogs won’t bark at you, if they can’t see you, they won’t bark at you” SOOOO, I guess it’s my fault because I was trying to watch the deer that they finally chased/ran off. I have never met a person in which their dogs bark, it’s other peoples dogs doing the barking and they totally agree when you talk about it at the campfire.

  2. 1) On a recent trip, we stopped over at the Costco in north Oklahoma City. I was waiting in the outside lane for the three lanes in front of me to clear so I could fuel up my 35ft Georgetown and towed Jeep. The middle spot opened up, then the front one – and I was stuck waiting for an very senior, senior citizen to finish in the pump in front of me – and a BMW cut in front of me, LITERALLY driving 90 degrees to fit in the gap between me and the remaining car, and pulled into the front pump. I laid on my horn, and leaned out the window saying (loudly) that she cut in front of me.

    Naturally, she ignored me with the practiced skill of a recently Medicare eligible, bottled blonde, ‘Good Christian Housewife’.

    As the very senior citizen I had been waiting for wrapped up, and I was turned around arguing with my wife about MY reaction to the flagrant act of ‘cutsies’, another recently Medicare eligible, (although this one was a bottled red head), in a Mini Cooper pulls the SAME STUNT!

  3. 2) At this point, I am furious. I was hangry to start with, but I push it down, exit my RV and go to get the attendant. The redhead claims ‘she didn’t know what I was doing’ while the blonde didn’t even acknowledge the attendant, who just walked away.

    The really infuriating thing about this, was that there were plenty of other open lanes! 24 pumps, in eight lanes – and they HAD to wedge their way through to cut me off. Thirteen years RV’ing, 62+k miles, 28 of the continental states and two Canadian provinces and I have NEVER, EVER had someone cut me off at the pump. And it happened TWICE, in ‘God Fearing, Good Neighborly’ Oklahoma, (the state I grew up in)! I’d never really seen it first hand, but these two gals actions and attitudes gave me an appreciation for the term, ‘white privilege’.

  4. People complaining about people complaining, with the usual “get over it”. Right, as if they’re never, ever complained about anything in their lives.

  5. Loose dogs. We travel with a dog, she is well-behaved, trained and we trust her. But we respect the rule to leash her. We always have her on a leash out of respect for others. Lots of people apparently think the rule does not apply to their dogs. I’ve lost count how many times we’ve had off-leash dogs charge or approach our dog. And poop bags are for disposal not for leaving on the side of the trail or road.

  6. Outside speakers blaring the same crap you hear on every radio station in every TOWN in the country. Leave it in town . . . or at least in your own ears.

  7. How about RV newsletters that encourages people to rant and complain and then post it online as an article??? We aren’t all going to agree on proper campground etiquette nor should we. The world would be pretty boring if we did.

  8. What really angers me is everyone complaining about everything all the time. GET OVER IT! Put on your big girl panties and deal with it. Your in an RV. If you don’t like it MOVE. Everyone else has just as much right to be angered by your lack of understanding and patience as you do about whatever others are doing that you don’t like. Stick a sock in it!

  9. I know a lot of people won’t like this but I really hate the noise and exhaust of diesel engines. Smelly and noisy engines that people seem to need leave at idle while they hook up or set up. There is no good reason to not just turn it off. Newer diesels do not need to warm up as long as the ones from the 80s. Just shut it down please.

    • Even the older ones only need to run long enough to build up air pressure. The engine will warm up faster when you start driving slowly out of the park. Truckers that are owner-operators and don’t let their trucks idle all night to provide heat or ac start the engine, get out to do their pre-trip inspection, get their log book up to date and drive away, maybe 10-15 minutes elapsed time. The ones that start the engine and let it idle have listened to the salesperson tale of many lies once too often.

    • I Idle mine while disconnecting. Need to cool down the turbo from towing hundreds of miles before shutting it down. Not good to shut down a hot turbo!

      • Ram says the same thing idle 5 minutes after a long pull or heavy load to cool down the turbo. It’s cooling the bearings down by circulating oil through the bearings drawing heat away.

      • While true, if you have “idled” into a campground, got registered, etc. the turbo has probably already cooled down sufficiently. My turbo pressure is displayed and is very low most of the time unless I’m really on a pull at speed.

        Each situation is different as one pulls into a campground, but just something to keep in mind that the cooling clock didn’t necessarily start when you parked in your site.

      • It only takes one to two minutes max to get your EGT down to about 300 deg. so you don’t ‘coke’ the oil in your turbo bushings (bake it into goo). That’s even after heavy hauling at highway speeds. You can read any diesel blog, or ask any diesel mechanic and find out this information for yourself. Or just watch your pyrometer if you have one.

  10. 2 things really…

    1. People complaining about kids being in a campground when its NOT a 55+ campground. It’s GOOD to see families camping like this.
    2. Price going up at a campgrounds but improvements NOT being made.
    • Re #2….Don’t forget the price of maintaining the park goes up also…costs for building material is out of sight right now…cost for labor is up….cost for repairs is up….

      • What maintenance? 80% of the parks I see would rather wait for their outbuildings to fall down and their posts rust to pieces before they would do a bit of maintenance.

  11. Dogs that continually bark, or YIP at everyone and everything that passes by, and are left outside unattended.
    The underbelly lights, front nose lights and rope lights that surround the campsite and are left on til all hours of the night. I don’t understand the reasoning! Camping should be a time to relax and enjoy nature.

    • Right there with you Bob – HATE loose dogs or constantly barking dogs or owners that don’t pick up giving those of us with good camping dogs a burden to shoulder

      Also HATE when nighbor’s lights spill over their site boundary – some of us LOVE the night sky. Here was what I wrote & have submitted for our state parks to add to their check in form (SO wish they would do this!). Believe quiet hours should include dark hours.



    • Agreed. Was at a wonderful beach-side campground last summer, and there was this 5th-wheel across from us that had these piercing bright blue led lights on the front cap, that literally served no practical purpose when parked. The only thing they were doing was saying “Look at me! Look at me!”. Annoying.

  12. Off-leash dogs and dog owners who seem to look the other way when their pet “does its thing” on the yards or RV sites of others!


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