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10 delicious ways to use canned biscuit dough in your RV

By Cheri Sicard
Canned biscuit dough can be an RV kitchen essential. There is so much you can do with it. While the video below by Nicole McLaughlin of My Recipes was not specifically created for RVers, the recipes in it are perfect for RVers because they use one of our favorite convenience foods. Give the short video a watch and you’ll discover some delicious and creative uses for canned biscuit dough.

The video below is short, but in it, Nicole demonstrates each of the 10 recipes. They are that easy!

So what are the 10 ways to use canned biscuit dough for RV cooking?

#1 Casseroles: While a lot of casserole recipes, especially breakfast casseroles, use bread as an ingredient, Nicole likes to substitute canned biscuits. Just like with bread, you cube the raw canned biscuit dough and add it to your casserole in place of the bread. Top with eggs, sausage, and cheese, bake, and enjoy!

#2 Calzones: You can make all kinds of stuffed dishes with canned biscuit dough: turnovers, hot pockets, and calzones, which Nicole demonstrates in the video. Super easy and everyone can stuff their own calzone with ingredients of their choosing.

#3 Stuffed muffins: These can be sweet or savory. Roll out a biscuit, stuff it with ingredients, close and place in a muffin tin, and bake. Watch the video for a demo of how.

#4 Monkey bread: Biscuit dough makes monkey bread super easy to serve anytime. Almost too easy. Again, the video shows how.

#5 Pigs in a blanket: This classic retro recipe is super easy using canned biscuit dough. Make them larger as a breakfast entrée, or smaller for snacks and appetizers.

#6 Knots: Biscuit dough makes terrific sweet or savory bread knots. In the video, Nicole demonstrates making savory garlic knots. Yum!

#7 Pie crust: Nicole uses the dough to top both sweet and savory pie fillings. You can also use them to top fruit cobblers.

#8 Dumplings: Old-fashioned dumplings, like for chicken and dumplings, are a snap using canned biscuit dough.

#9 Donuts: What could be better at the campsite than fresh hot donuts? Canned biscuit dough makes it easy.

#10 Waffles: Unless you carry a waffle iron, most RVers may not use this tip. But keep it in mind for when you return home. Add a canned biscuit to a hot oiled waffle iron, press closed and cook, and voila! Almost instant waffles.

To be sure, there are many more uses for this versatile RV cooking ingredient. If you have other favorites, please share them in the comments below.



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Karen V (@guest_241928)
5 months ago

Love these ideas!!

Tommy Molnar (@guest_241897)
5 months ago

And, as an added bonus you can even make biscuits!

Cheri Sicard (@guest_241929)
5 months ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

There is always that.

Tom (@guest_241879)
5 months ago

Waffle idea is great! For a small Waffle iron, look for the DASH brand. It makes single small waffles. Actually aimed at the kid market and you may find them near kids gift section.

Herman (@guest_241903)
5 months ago
Reply to  Tom

We always travel with the waffle iron. The dry parts of the waffle mix (homemade) are stored in bags, half a batch in each baggie; add the liquid components and we are ready for a feast. Between my wife, our dog, and I we can easily devour half a batch for breakfast.

Cheri Sicard (@guest_241907)
5 months ago
Reply to  Tom

I have the Dash one person Ice Cream maker and it is great. Have not tried the waffle maker.

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