Thursday, September 21, 2023


10 odd but awesome RV tools your rig needs

By Cheri Sicard
Most of the items covered in this video are not usually thought of as RV tools, per se, but having them onboard sure can make RV life easier.

I also love that most of these things can be found at ordinary hardware stores, which means you won’t need to rely on specialty camping stores with jacked-up specialty “RV prices.”

RV tools to keep in your RV

The folks from the Long Long Honeymoon have compiled a handy list of items that work as RV tools. You might even have some of these things already, but you might not have thought about using them in your RV.

These are useful practical items looked at in a new way or used for new purposes in some cases. Each of the items solves problems and deals with common scenarios most, if not all, RVers will encounter at one point or another in their travels.

Of course, we are talking about RV tools, so in addition to being practical and useful for RV life, they also cannot take up a lot of space or weigh a lot.

No problems there. In fact, in many cases, these awesome but odd RV tools serve as multitaskers capable of doing more than one job.

For instance, I had never heard of tenacious tape before, but I can think of about a million uses for that around an RV. Ditto moldable glue. And the reusable dehumidifiers are pure genius. And as I do love to hike, I think I need to also pick up a Tick Tornado!

Check out the video. It might even inspire you to find useful RV tools among your everyday items as well.

If you have a favorite odd but awesome RV tool that you regularly use, drop a comment below and please share it with your fellow RVers.

Items covered include:




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